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Hey everyone! 

On Web Activity:

It's been awhile since I've updated ya'll on what I've been up to, which seems to be pretty common honestly. Hope you've all been doing well! Lately, I've been most active on my Twitter, and have been posting a drawing every day for 132 days so far. Most are just little scribbles, edits, and colours on other people's stuff. But I've been trying to make sure I do a little something creative each day no matter how small it is. Most of it isn't good enough to put in my gallery here, which is why I've been using Twitter. Full illustrations are what I'll be posting here, same with Artstation when I finally make an account there.

On Sonic:

I'm very grateful to have gotten some work with IDW after endeavoring to break in for a while! My first colouring work for IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog comic was released online recently which you can see here:
IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #14 Cover B Colours by Ziggyfin
I've also got a (very) short Sonic fancomic in the writing stage that I'll be making when I've got free time! And there's one more Sonic thing in the works that you'll see...soon?

On School:

Taking 4 classes this semester on my road to finishing my BFA in Fine Arts, so it's been pretty hectic. I'll be going on a Field School Program to London, Venice, and Germany during the month of June, which I'm really excited about!

On Mental Health:

I don't get too personal on the web, but the last few years have been pretty terrible for me and my psyche, last year especially. A long term relationship ended like...5 months ago, and it had been making me increasingly self destructive and unhappy with myself. Now that it's over, I've been incredibly fortunate to have friends help me through the healing process. I've been working hard to be more self aware and accepting of my characteristics that had previously been criticized or ridiculed.

I also started going to counseling some time in 2017. It took a bit to find a counselor who could actually help with stuff, but I eventually did. And I'm really happy to say that I don't need it now. My wallet thanks me, since my insurance didn't cover it, but I'm really proud I could get through it. Actually acknowledging that I needed to go in the first place was really difficult, but worth it in the end. 

On Evalla:

Hahahahahahaaaaaaa....I gotta re-upload those pages of Chapter 3 I deleted here. I haven't been able to keep up with it as my free time has been minimal, and I've been focusing on school, work, and freelance stuff. I found that having deadlines for art and schoolwork was way easier to get motivated, and with a personal webcomic, updating it began getting more tedious and unfun. I may be treating the first 3 Chapters as a "First Draft" ya know? I feel it had some good ideas, but the execution needed a lot more hammering down. I'm not getting rid of the characters by any means, I love 'em, but I may try to get Evalla out into the world in a different way. It may be a comic, something else, but I'll keep fiddling with the world and see where it takes me. 

Aaaaanyways, have a great rest of your day whoever is reading, and please follow my Twitter for more activity!

All the best,

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Hey friends! Another quick update. I just deleted a chunk of pages of Chapter 3 of Evalla. Decided that I was a little eager to speed up some things in the story and it felt way too rushed to me. The changes also fit better for transitioning to what will be happening in Chapter 4 since I hit a bit of a road block. I'm still not sure when I'll get back to working on it since I'm still recovering from recent...things, so I might open commissions soon to get back into that groove.
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Hey guys, just felt like it was time to give a little update as I've practically fallen off the face of the Earth. About 10,000 notifications...dang. There's a long story that's a bit too personal to be public I guess, but short story is that some crummy stuff has been happening for a long while that has been basically deteriorating my drive to be creative. Colouring I've found has been very helpful to my mental state, I feel really at home and engaged with it at least.

However, I've been beating myself up quite a bit about a lot of the shit that has been going on and decided it was best to take a breather from the writing portion of Evalla. I'll get back into it soon, and that Rock and Roll cover I made will actually be Chapter 5 instead of 4, since I've got to add some needed character stuff between events. I'll just be going at my own pace with it. Writing is definitely not my strong suit but I would really like to improve. That's what webcomics are for right? Anyways, yeah that'll continue. I'll be doing more Sonic, Zelda, and other stuff too so don't worry about the fanart haha!

There's so much I want to get out of my system, hopefully I can do that with my art. I'm still recovering, and not sure how long it'll take to get a routine back in my life, but deadlines that aren't my own personal ones is definitely helping out right now. 

See you guys soon.

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Mostly for posting progress on art and my webcomic and to communicate with people in a more relaxed setting. Would anyone join?

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Hey guys I was wondering if any of you would be interested if I were to stream some progress of a short Sonic comic I'm making for my next IDW portfolio? I feel like my old Sonic work isn't up to my current skill level so I'm going to make a new batch of art. I won't show everything just a few bits and pieces when I have time but I'll post when I'll be doing it in advance.

Hope you're all doing well! Sorry for not being too active on here, I find myself on Twitter a whole lot more:

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Hey everyone! Hope things are going well for you.

I recently got some great news! My favourite Comic Convention I frequent, "Vancouver Comic and Arts Festival", has accepted my table space this year! I'll be at VanCAF May 20-21 promoting my new webcomic EVALLA, as well as selling a selection of art prints! I'm making a Star Wars print right now, planning an Overwatch one, and might do FMA or Pokemon, as well as selling some of my Sonic/Undertale/Pokemon ones I already have. If any of you are in Vancouver around that time come say hi! The convention is free and tons of fun, check out the website here: VanCAF Website

Also, I'd like to direct anyone who isn't already checking it out. :iconglitcher: is creating an awesome Archie Sonic webcomic on his page, taking place in the pre-reboot universe of the comics and continuing on. Here are a few pages of that:

SONIC RETOLD - Main Cover by glitcher  SONIC RETOLD - Issue 1, Page 6 by glitcher  SONIC RETOLD - Issue 1, Page 7 by glitcher

:iconfritzyartcorner: also just started his own comic with his own characters! If you like cartoony styles with lots of expression Fritzy rocks at that!

Santin and Kin - Cover Page by FritzyArtCorner  Santin and Kin - Page 1 by FritzyArtCorner  Santin and Kin - Page 2 by FritzyArtCorner

Also because I can shamelessly plug my comic when I please, here are a few select pages :P

EVALLA Chapter 1 Cover by Ziggyfin  EVALLA Chapter 1 Page 1 by Ziggyfin  EVALLA Chapter 1 Page 3 by Ziggyfin  EVALLA Chapter 1 Page 6 by Ziggyfin  EVALLA Chapter 1 Page 7 by Ziggyfin

Have a great rest of your day!

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Good morning/afternoon/whatever! If you guys haven't seen yet, I've been posting my webcomic on here every Monday and Wednesday, though if you want to be totally up to date, you can read the newest pages first on my website Set in a fantasy world, Kina struggles with balancing freedom and responsibility as she is thrust with the task of saving Evalla from an unknown evil!

EVALLA Chapter 1 Cover by Ziggyfin EVALLA Chapter 1 Page 1 by Ziggyfin EVALLA Chapter 1 Page 2 by Ziggyfin EVALLA Chapter 1 Page 3 by Ziggyfin EVALLA Chapter 1 Page 4 by Ziggyfin EVALLA Chapter 1 Page 5 by Ziggyfin EVALLA Chapter 1 Page 6 by Ziggyfin

Let me know what you think of the story so far! We are just getting started :) (Smile)


Kina by Ziggyfin Skallop Chetiwatt by Ziggyfin Nub Gorkrek by Ziggyfin Konch Bokino by Ziggyfin Senesia Koula by Ziggyfin Muzsel Koula by Ziggyfin


Check out my website here: EVALLA WEBSITE

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Hey everyone! I'm incredibly excited to to announce my new original webcomic EVALLA! I've been working very hard on making this during all of my spare time lately and now that Chapter 1 is all finished, I will begin posting weekly while I finish Chapter 2 so there will be no delays.

Here is the Cover for Chapter 1:

EVALLA Chapter 1 Cover by Ziggyfin

I will be posting the webcomic here on Deviantart, but pages will be up a week earlier on my website: 

Every Monday I will post a new page, and you can stay up to date here and on my Social Media (
Twitter:   Tumblr:

Evalla is completely written and illustrated by me! It tells the story of Kina and her friends as they traverse the world of Evalla. The looming threat of an unknown dark evil has disrupted the peace and quiet of this fantasy world, and it’s up to Kina and her colorful glowing hair to save it…but does she want to?

Below are links to the main characters of the story:

Kina by Ziggyfin Skallop Chetiwatt by Ziggyfin Nub Gorkrek by Ziggyfin Konch Bokino by Ziggyfin Senesia Koula by Ziggyfin Muzsel Koula by Ziggyfin

I hope you will all enjoy this adventure with me. The ideas and character designs began 4 years ago and now I finally think I'm ready to share with you what I've been working on. This is a long-term project that I have just been having so much fun with. Honestly, as I've been writing, drawing, and coloring all of these pages over the last few months I've been having a blast. Nothing is as exciting to me as telling your story and I hope you will see that enthusiasm and passion illustrated in the pages I have made. 

Thank you for checking this out, I really appreciate it. :)

-Reggie Graham

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First of all, I wanna give a shoutout to LazyRayFinkle who, and I think a few times now, has extended my Core Membership. Thanks very much! I wanna give back, so send me a note of any character you'd like me to draw/color. I'll make it in the style of these images, but it can be a Sonic character if you'd like :)

Kina by Ziggyfin  Skallop Chetiwatt by Ziggyfin Muzsel Koula by Ziggyfin Nub Gorkrek by Ziggyfin

Is everyone doing well? How is the Winter season going for you right now? It's been snowing A LOT where I live and it's been making me feel great! I'm a little sick right now but yeah, in good spirits :)

I've been getting lots of work done on my webcomic EVALLA. I need to figure out exactly what I'm going to do for where to put it up. It will be here on Deviantart but I think I'll be posting pages a week early on my own site. I cooouuuuuld do Patreon, but not sure if anyone would want to contribute...we'll see. I almost have the entire first Chapter finished, and will start posting sometime at the beginning of next year. 

Anyways, back to work! Have a good rest of your day! :D

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Good morning/afternoon/evening friends! I hope all is well! :)

I've been working incredibly hard the last few months on art and school. I've been getting into a new routine that has helped my progress increase like crazy! Not as much sleep for Reggie, but he gets a lot done. Unfortunately I can barely show you guys anything I'm doing. In terms of Sonic things I have a bunch of stuff for Sonic the Comic Online coming up. Next issue (which will be out pretty soon) you will see my cover I did for 'em, and then I think the beginning of next year there will be a lot of interior work that I CANNOT WAIT TO SHOW YOU! (I also sent in a new portfolio to Archie, so let's all cross our fingers)

My original webcomic EVALLA is also going well! I have a number of pages all done and colored! I won't start posting until the entire 1st chapter is completed though, to give me time to work on Chapter 2 so my schedule will stay the same. In the meantime though, check out some character designs for it here:

Kina by Ziggyfin Nub Gorkrek by Ziggyfin Konch Bokino by Ziggyfin Skallop Chetiwatt by Ziggyfin Muzsel Koula by Ziggyfin Senesia Koula by Ziggyfin ??? by Ziggyfin

School is good, this is my final week of classes right now so I'm focusing on that at this time, but come December break maybe I'll make some fanart prints between comic stuff!

Stay safe everyone! Talk to you later :D

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Hello everyone! This is just a short little update on what's going on right now, and a little blurb about my summer.


I've been working on a lot of Sonic the Comic Online work that will be popping up in various stories for every comic coming out this year! The last 2 issues include a story featuring Silver that I illustrated awhile ago. You can check those out here: Issue 269 and Issue 270, you can also check out the illustrations themselves with no text here:
StCO 269 - Silver Story Part 1 by Ziggyfin  StCO 270 - Silver Story Part 2 by Ziggyfin

If you've been following me for awhile, I have posted little snippets of my own original ideas and stories throughout the years, and now I'm finally ready to post a lot more about my upcoming webcomic EVALLA. Doses of information will be revealed in the coming months, but for now check out this poster I made to get a feel for the how the characters will look. I'm so, so, soooo excited I'm finally getting this going! :D :D
<da:thumb id="626680207"/>

Summer and Sonic Revolution

My Summer has been an eventful one! In June I took my girlfriend on a trip to Disneyland/Universal Studios in LA, where I also got to be a part of the local SONIC REVOLUTION. I'm really bad at selfies, especially when I'm geeking out, but here's a couple pics of me with Aaron Webber (Social Media Master for Sonic), Takashi Iizuka (Head of Sonic Team), Kazuyuki Hoshino (Character Designer), and Mike Pollock (Voice of Eggman). There were a lot of other amazing people I met but unfortunately don't have pictures.
Untitled by Ziggyfin  Untitled by Ziggyfin
One of the coolest parts of the Convention was sitting in the Artist Alley with two of my favourite Sonic pencillers, :iconevanstanley: and :icontysonhesse:. Near the end of the Con we did a little Battle of the Artists competition. Here's a pic of that:
Untitled by Ziggyfin
Disneyland was amazing as always, but it was my first time at Universal Studios. My girlfriend and I are big Harry Potter nerds so Harry Potter World was a great place to check out! The Butterbeer tasted fantastic, and the 4D ride was extremely cool! I was gonna get a wand at Ollivanders but the lineup was almost 2 hours to get in sooo.....

I also went to a little island called Hornby with my family, Las Vegas with my family, camping with my friends, and went to a couple of concerts! Awolnation and Twenty One Pilots are some of my favourite bands so it was great to see them again! I'll also be seeing Mother Mother in a week, and they are probably my all time favourite :D

Now Summer is winding down, and it's time to go back to school. I'll be taking Drawing and Digital Media classes this semester, so while I'm doing that and working I'll also be working on EVALLA and will have enough content to start posting weekly sometime at the beginning of 2017. I'll keep you guys updated on that.


So I just found out my friend :iconbradley-thompson: is on Deviantart, so go check out his stuff and give him a Watch! Look at that handsome profile picture ;)

Also, :iconevanstanley: worked on a game called Ulama: Arena of the Gods! It's on Steam Greenlight so go vote for it to get it on the Steam store now! Click here to check it out! 
Ulama: Arena of the Gods cover art by EvanStanley

That's all for now guys! I'll talk to you later! :D

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Hey guys, I'm gonna start this off with an apology. I'm sorry for the lack of content, updates, and of course that comic a lot of you follow me for. As I'm sure you've all realized it has been A LONG WHILE since the last Sonic Adventure 2 Comic page. Yadda yadda busy, blah blah other work comes first, la la la personal issues, etc... and I have felt terrible about this. So...unfortunately the comic is going to have to go on the back burner. It's obviously not unknown for a fancomic to fizzle out after the surge of motivation during the beginning stages have gone away, and I didn't think I would be there too...but things can't always go as expected. I just couldn't fit the weekly page update into my already terribly time-managed routine. There are a lot of things going on with me right now that I don't really wanna get into, but I'm working on it all and I think letting this project go back in the vault is something that needs to happen if I wanna grow as an artist, person, and adult.

I'm 20, and my life right now is working as management in a Canadian A&W, getting ready to go back to University, spending time with my loved ones, trying to get into freelancing, and working on my personal webcomic in my spare time. To me, my original webcomic is more important than a fan comic. The reason why I wanted to do the SA2 comic in the first place was to improve my skills as a comic book artist....and after a few months of that I realized I can't stick to drawing just Sonic all the time. I need to get better at everything that I'm not comfortable at creating if I ever want to get anywhere in the industry (unless of course I get hired by Archie Sonic which would be a dream come true).

If I had all the money in the world and all the free time, then of course I'd be continuing this. It's fun! I love it! But I needed a reality check and it's better for me personally to do this. I'm not saying the project is gone for good, but it's gone for now. I need to focus on other things and improve on like every aspect of my life. Again, I'm sorry to all of you that have been waiting for more, and I love you guys for checking out my stuff, but I need to do this for me. I hope you guys understand.

The future of my page is going to be as much fan-art and original content I can get out there and work on, as well as Sonic shenanigans thrown in since I still love the blue Hedgehog, and I hope you guys will forgive me and I can produce art that you will enjoy! Thanks so much for everything!
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Hey guys! I've got a table in the Artist Alley of the SONIC REVOLUTION convention based in LA next month! Other guests who will be there include Mike Pollock (voice of Eggman), Tyson Hesse (Archie Sonic artist), Evan Stanley (Archie Sonic artist), Bill Freiberger (Sonic Boom Co-Executive Producer), Colleen O’Shaughnessey (voice of Tails), and more! Check out the website for the event here if you are interested:

If you can make it come say hi, get me to draw a free sketch for you, buy a print, or just chat about how much you wish the Chao could make a re-appearance in a new game, I'm friendly! :D

I also made a graphic for the event that I'll show you guys once they release it :)

Hope to see you there!

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From the reboot please!! I'm making a big picture that will eventually have everyone from Issue 252 onwards but let me know your favorite and I'll get that done first!! Once I'm done all the characters separately I'll put 'em together!


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Hey guys, just a quickl lil update. My Wacom tablet has been broken for awhile and is just getting repaired. I've still been using my Bamboo to color which is why you've seen so many coloring submissions lately, but since it doesn't show the screen on it digitally drawing is difficult. I should get it back pretty soon so hold tight! The SA2 comic will be back when I can start submitting more regularly. Again, sorry for the wait!

Thanks guys!


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So I started drawing in this new style today and it was really fun! I think from now on I'm only going to draw in this style so I hope you guys like it! Check out my latest picture with the new style here:

my best draw by Ziggyfin

Please comment on it and tell me your thoughts! What does it mean to you? Does it inspire? I think this is the best picture I've made.
Hey guys, how's it going?

Time for a little update!

SA2 Comic:
I'm sorry it's taken awhile to get the comic rolling, I've had to redo a bunch of story stuff in the upcoming pages and it's gotten to the point where I need to sit down, think, and redo a whole lot of planning. It's one of those things where the story could go in one direction or a totally different route, and I'm leaning towards one of them, though that requires some real thought. Now everything that you've seen is all still good, I'm not changing anything. But I'm kind of at a crossroads and yeah. Personal priorities also put this story behind, so the pages will come when they come! Remember I'm not being paid for any of this so job stuff does come first.

Evalla Webcomic:
Right now I'm working on my own original webcomic in some of my spare time, and I have a few test pages to show you if you haven't already seen them.
Evalla Test Comic Page 1 by Ziggyfin  Evalla Test Comic Page 2 by Ziggyfin  Evalla Test Comic Page 3 by Ziggyfin  Evalla Test Comic Page 4 by Ziggyfin  Evalla Test Comic Page 5 by Ziggyfin
The real webcomic with these characters will come out....I have no idea. I'm very excited though and I hope you guys will read it when I start releasing it! I've been creating this world and these characters for a few years now and I can't wait to get this going. :) (Smile)

Sonic the Comic Online:
So if you don't know I have joined the art team of the UK-based Sonic the Comic Online. One story is all done and has been posted in the latest issue, you can check that out here:
StCO 269 - Silver Story Part 1 by Ziggyfin
The second part of this story is done but you'll have to wait until the next issue comes out to see it!

Archie Sonic:
I've sent pencil and color portfolios in and only time will tell if this goes anywhere. I'm making a HUGE Archie picture right now for fun, and once it's out I really really hope they see it cause it's gonna be good.

In other news, I'll probably be changing my username to my real name soon!

See ya guys! :) (Smile)
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Woops, just noticed I've passed the 1000 watchers mark a little while ago, and also 50,000 page views. Thank you guys so much for following me, especially in the last year, since I feel I've improved the most! I'm having a blast with my SA2 Comic, my original comic stuff (that I've been teasing on Twitter a bit), and of course the projects I've been helping out with such as Archie Sonic Online and Sonic the Comic Online!

Oh, it was also my birthday a week ago, and I turned 20! So yay! 

Also you guys need to see this if you speak Spanish! Rinoa83 translated my SA2 Comic into Spanish and you can see that here:…

Check out the latest SA2 Comic page:  SA2 COMIC Issue 2 Page 3 by Ziggyfin

Check out my Sonic the Comic Online story here: (It's the Silver one)

Check out my Twitter here:

Oh yeah I said I was doing some fanart so here's the WORK IN PROGRESS of an Undertale pic I'm doing:  Undertale Fanart WIP by Ziggyfin

Catch you guys later!

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Hey guys and gals! So the latest STC-O Issue came out today! I did the artwork/lettering for the fifth story which features SILVER THE HEDGEHOG! Check it out here and it would be awesome if you shared it around:

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Sonic Didn't Eat the Cookies by Ziggyfin

Look! Little teasers! Aaaaaaaaanyways, yeah. I'm just going to be pencilling/inking a big chunk of the pages from Issue 2 and then I'll get them all scanned together when I'm finished. Then once I start coloring I'll post at least one page a week. I can't tell you when I'll be doing that, I'm aiming to be done inking all the pages I have planned by the end of the week, sorry for the delay! I want Part 2 to be a lot better! 

In the meantime, keep refreshing your tabs on Sonic the Comic Online......not sure when the next Issue comes out.....but when it does.....hee hee.... :D
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