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:icongenesispuppywantplz::iconsaysplz:I heard it was my darling Kiti's birthday. I hope she doesn't mind the suit I picked out to wear for her on her special day.
:iconangealeweplz::iconsaysplz:Oh? And which suit is that?
:icongenesisstudmuffinplz::iconsaysplz:My birthday suit.

I'm sure Kiti would have no objections.

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Original credits go to: :iconpuppywantplz:
Genesis and all his deceiving innocence are © Square Enix.
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When I see a ferret :icongenesisispuppywantplz:
sakonma's avatar
OMG! I can totally see him do that every time a Loveless sequel comes out!!! :XD:
Ziggy-Pasta's avatar
LOL!!! Probably~!!! Or when he did something wrong and Angeal is mad at him. :rofl:
Fenrixion's avatar
YAY PUPPEH GENNY OuO :icongenesispuppywantplz:
Ziggy-Pasta's avatar
It fits his face so well.

Although now I need a Cloud. No one out-cutes my Cloud! :shakefish:
Fenrixion's avatar
Hahah, can't wait to see what Cloud-themes icons you come up with :D
lady-yuna7's avatar
:icongenesispuppywantplz::iconsaysplz:PUPPY LOVE!!
:iconzackpuppywantplz::iconsaysplz:PUPPY LOVE!!

:icongenesispuppywantplz:+:iconzackpuppywantplz::iconsaysplz:PUPPY POWAH!!
Ziggy-Pasta's avatar

I'd hate to see what those two could accomplish by making both those faces.
joeyjo's avatar
:icongenesispuppywantplz: :iconsaysplz: May I pretty please have a dumbapple?
Ziggy-Pasta's avatar
D'aaawww of course you can, Gen!

Even I can't say no to that face.
Phoneix-Faerie's avatar
this really is adorable :) so cute
Ziggy-Pasta's avatar
I have to admit it kinda is. :giggle: Silly Genesis.

I think he saw that :iconzackpuppywantplz: worked on Angeal, so he thinks he can get it to work on him too.
Phoneix-Faerie's avatar
...haha xD yeh, could well explain it
Glaciergirl's avatar
lol genesis sure knows how to dress for a party.
:icongenesisstudmuffinplz: :iconsaysplz: you know it.
Glaciergirl's avatar
that's the only way for him to dress. :icongenesisstudmuffinplz:
VVKiti's avatar
Hey!! It's MY BIRTHDAY, I get to wear the birthday suit!!! :lmao: But I will very happily(and I mean VERY) allow you to wear yours too... :iconicameplz:
Hell while you're making that face at me there are many other things I'd allow as well... :love:

He is just too adorable for words!! So I shall squee out my feelings for him, and you dearest little sis!!
:iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz: :iconlovesqueeplz:

There's more love left in me...but I'll reserve it for the rest of the wonderful that I saw upcoming!!!!
Ziggy-Pasta's avatar

I can't even imagine how that would translate into something IRL. Rape maybe? Oh my.

I think we might all be wearing our birthday suits!
VVKiti's avatar
It's not rape if you say yes... :iconhurrplz:
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