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So,what are you looking for?
Nintendo,Sega,Ubisoft,Cartoon network?
Peach,Meta Knight,Bubbles,ToeJam and outhers?
No mature Content?
All this in my own gallery!

Only one bad element can help everyone
Today is my birthday
You are allowed to use all of my arts,don't forget to credit me!
This event stop at this Midnight

"Never vaunt to an inferior People"

I am French and i need Fun!
A Bad pun who hide the great gallery

There is not war!We are all egual!Not Inferior or Superior!
We must respect ourself!This shouldn't hurt everyone!

NAME= Zigaudrey
TYPE= Normal and Language
DEX ENTRY= A girl who love do and watch almost everything.She change personnality depending of people that she met and let other exprime.

LANGUAGE= That definitly me!I love exprimed my idea...After all,art is language
Like= Stamp,Comment,Like comment,Tips(video game),Cultural speak(a little),French speak,English speak,Spanish speak(not so much),Speak on the nature,Cocept Idea,Confession,
Hate= Hate comment,Block,Insult

BELLY=I love that but i don't make them too much but fun to use!
Like= Stuffed belly,Water Belly,Inflatation
Hate= Pregnant belly(escapply male)

CARTOON= I love cartoon!Escapply Cartoon Network!
Like= PowerPuff Girls,Dexter's Lab,Ed Edd Eddy... (Anything Cartoon network and boomerang)
Hate= Ben 10,new cartoon network shows...

MANGA= I love manga!
Like= Jewelpet,Hamtaro,Hello Kitty(japanese show for kids),Naruto
Hate= Yaoi,Yuri,Seijin,

VIDEO GAME= I love video game!I am ready to beat every thing challenge!
Like= Nintendo,Sega,Ubisoft,Electronic Art (All game)
Hate= Nothing

LITERRATURE= I don't like read so much...I escapply read short text...
Like= Sci-Fi,Poesy,Humor,Creepypasta
Hate= Long Story

BRONY= I am not pretty actif in this stuff...But i love this show
Love= All caracthere,escapply Rarity
Hate= Nothing

RANDOM= Random stuff! XD So funny!Love that too!
Love= YouTube Poop and other
Hate= Nothing

MATURE CONTENT= Mature content,eeyuk...I prefer watching violence
Love= Violence,Gore,Strong Language(Only watching,no doing)
Hate= Organic Blood,Hentai and the rest

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Even in DA they have disabilities/difficulties by zigaudrey Suck to Dialogue-Stamp by zigaudrey Stamp-I join because it is Bully-Free by zigaudrey

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Vieil signature:
If one ban a sport game,he is lazy!

It's all Psychologic effect which i meet in DA

Make paragraph in your Text-Stamp by zigaudrey Bullying makes you a loser by KittyJewelpet78 Seven Deadly Stamps: Envy by Voltaira
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What poney i am?
Which My Little Pony Are You?
Which My Little Pony Are You?
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Rarity,my favorite pony
What Hetalia Characthere i am?
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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China,yep,like the country China and i havn't know he is artistic.
Hetalia!What Country are you?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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Italia,What?!I am not french?
My little pony personality test
My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
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Rarity again,yep,i am creatif!
What Kirby hat your wear?
What Kirby Hat Do You Wear?
What Kirby Hat Do You Wear?
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Animal Kirby,WTFCAT.
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What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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Are You A Chikorita?
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<table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" border="1" width="300" style="border: 1px solid #000 !important; margin: 6px 0 !important"> <tr> <td align="center" bgcolor="#ffffff" style="padding: 4px !important; background: #fff !important; text-align: center !important"> Quel Pokemon es-tu ? </td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center" bgcolor="#eeeeee" style="border-top: 1px solid #000 !important; padding: 4px !important; background: #eee !important; text-align: center !important"> Lucario Tu es courageux et généreux, tu ne peux t'empêcher de faire des bonnes actions... Ce qui a réussi à te ruiner, pense un peu à toi quand même. </td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right" bgcolor="#ffffff" style="border-top: 1px solid #000 !important; padding: 4px !important; background: #fff !important; text-align: right !important"> Facebook quizzes & Blog quizzes by Quibblo </td> </tr> </table>
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Neo XY-Luvdisc evolves into Alomomola
-Neo XY is a hack made by Pokemoner that make Pokemon XY into a strong, solid and enjoyable journey. Type addition, alternative way of evolution, news moveset, stat buff, it will bring challenge for thoses who are tired of the original.
This hack is mostly used for Nuzlock and Egglock.

Bullet; Pink Luvdisc can evolve as many fan expected. At level 36, this Rendez-vous fish transform into the lovely Caring fish Pokemon Alomomola. Both gain the Fairy-type, as they are based of love and kiss.
Interesting to note that Alomomola lose attack when evolving (30 to 20) but their high HP goes well with their Regenerator ability. Alomomola doesn't have the Healer ability to match it's caring statut, this doesn't prevent to blow foes away with a good special attack buff.

Made on GIMP
Luvdisc and Alomomola are Water-type Pokemon by Game Freaks
Pokemon Neo XY is a hack by Pokemoner
Neo XY-Raichu uses Dazzling Gleam
-Neo XY is a hack made by Pokemoner that make Pokemon XY into a strong, solid and enjoyable journey. Type addition, alternative way of evolution, news moveset, stat buff, it will bring challenge for thoses who are tired of the original.
This hack is mostly used for Nuzlock and Egglock.

Discorvering this hack brightned my excitement. Time from time, I wished XY, which I ignored its lore in 2013, was solid in a world building sense, Game Freaks rushed it. Then I found this hack and not only make the battle more challenging but also expanded the world building thank to type addition, better moveset and alternative way of evolution! It's like Future Kalos. And the choice is wide: all the 761 pokemons are here!
I have never been so much happy since my return in the Pokemon fandom on late 2018.

Bullet; Yellow Raichu get the best treatment as a over-shadowed Pokemon. Thank to the stat boost and new movesets, this Mouse Pokemon can finally shine. It is the only of the line that can learn Nuzzle by leveling. Pichu doesn't need happiness to evolve and you can use the Thunder stone to get this beast!

Raichu learns Dazzling Gleam at level 42. It is one of the two fairy-type move, along Draining Kiss at Level 24. It can be a reference of its group egg or Dedenne, Electrik/Fairy-type, I don't know.

Made on GIMP
Raichu is a Electrik-type Pokemon by Game Freaks
Pokemon Neo XY is a hack by Pokemoner
Bonne Fete Denise-15th may 2019
-Joyeuse Fête à l'Intellecte qui croit tout, incluant mensonge et cliché, mais avec une vertue Denise!
-Happy Day to the Believeing Intellect, including lie and cliché, but with righteousness Denise!

Made with DeviantArt muro and Photoshop
Denise is a Smart-Type Pokégirl by Zigaudrey
Les preuves des civilsations extra-terrestres (Proofs of extra-terrestrial civilisations) by Erich Von Däniken
The Drawing who taught me Jalousy
FRENCH TITLE: Le dessin qui m'a enseignée la Jalousie

-C'était à l'école. Notre classe a participé à un concours de dessin pour le papier cadeau recyclé. Le thème était l'eau.
Alors, j'ai dessiné un quadrilatère dont chacun portait les différents objets liée avec l'eau: les rivières, la pluie, les bateaux, l'arrosoir...
Puis, on a voté nos dessins. Quand le mien était dans un haut classement, j'étais excitée, j'avais l'image que mon dessins sera vu le papier cadeau recyclé dans les magasins.
Mais un duel s'affronte avec celui de Marie, une fille d'une maîtresse du même établissement. Hélas, cette peste a remporté la victoire.
J'étais triste. Depuis, je la méprisais intérieurement et non seulement. Parce que j'étais jeune, alors en phase de développement mental, l'école m'a appris la jalousie. En quoi cette idée de concours était une bonne idée, hmm?
A cette époque, je n'avais aucune pensé destructrice jusqu'à que l'adolescence arrive. Durant tous les années, j'étais une victime de harcèlement vocal. Un désir destructrice s'alimente de jour en jour, je désirais voir leur sang coulé, leur poumon extirpé et rire à leur misère mais la loi m'empêche de les exécuter (sans oublier ma peur de sang).
Pour oublier tout ça, je rends visite sur DeviantArt et le dessin devient ma drogue douce. Parce que mes dessins sont les fruits de mes douleurs, je n'ai pas voulu être une artiste pour ne pas tricher et que cela devient injuste pour les autres. Je ne veux pas aussi qu'ils aient idée qu'il faut être psychologiquement blessé pour être un bon artiste.
C'est par ces évènements ci-dessus que j'ai développé une jalousie destructrice, j'envie leurs compétences, même les plus pires, même les plus petites choses, même la vôtre. Tous ce que je pense maintenant est de voir le verre brillé sur le sang qui coule sur la robe noire solide, choisie par fainéantise.

L'art ne devrait pas être une compétition. L'art est une forme d'expression, une part de soi et une part qui ne faut pas louanger pour son contenu mais pour son courage et sa persévérance.


-It was at school. Our class joined a drawing contest for the recycled paper wrap. The theme was Water.
So, I draw a grill which each contain different object related to water: the rivers, the rain, the boats, the watering can...
Then, we voted our drawing. When mine was in a higher rank, I was excited, I have the picture of ùy drawing being seen on recycled paper wrap in the market.
But a duel awake when with Marie's drawing, a daughter of a teacher from the same building. Sadly, this pest win the victory.
I was sad. Since, I despise her and not only. Because I was young, alias the phase of mental development, the school taugh me Jalousie. In what this contest idea was a good idea, huh?
At this time, I didn't have a destructive though until teenagehood. Every years, I was verbally bullied. A destructive desire get nourished days to days, I wish to see their blood flows, their lung extirped and laughing to their misery but the laws prevent me to executed (not to mention my fear of blood).
To forget all of this, I goes to DeviantArt and drawing become my soft drug. Because my drawing are the fruit of my pain, I don't want to be an artist to not cheat and it will be unfair for others. I don't want them to have the idea of we have to be psychologically wounded to be a good artist.
It's by thoses events above that I developped a destructive jealousy, I envy their experience, even the worst one, even the littlest things, even yours. All I can think now is to see the glass shine on the blood dreeping a solid black dress, chosen by laziness.

Art shouldn't be a competition. Art is a form of expression, a part of themself and a part we shouldn't praise for its content but for its courage and perseverance.
Lala is Me
-This is my first impression fan-art when I discorver Baba is You. A puzzle game that you litteraly change the programming by pushing blocks to solve puzzle.
I have thought that Lala is Me will focus on story-telling. Changing word placement changes the world perception and be psychological-themed. Truth or lie. This is this and this is that. What is world?

Daily-themed levels, from street to memory boxes, forest to dreams, school to abandonned building. Lala can go by touching objects. The levels is based on consequence, days and blocks which change the story. Her interaction play a part, as helping others, changing the object meaning, looking for an item. Even silence and immobility advances her.

Lala- A troubled girl that wander to find the meaning of life and truth. Pushing words leads to thoughts, ideas, memory and consequence. Life is a turmoil, after all.
Plush - Lala is accompagned of a little round panda plush which she bought as an pre-adult. A sign of happiness or intuition, who know.
Vivi- Lala has a mischievious little brother who play a part of her life. Both attractive and repelling, figurativly-speaking. (Not in the picture)

Life is Push
Plush is Cute
Lala is Me

Made on Paint
Baba is You by Hempuli
Lala is Me by Zigaudrey
''The more I drawn, the more I feel worthless''
As the title suggest, I am lacking motivation of drawing. I has been on DeviantArt for many years, now that I am thinking about it:
constant drawing, over 6500 deviations, the shattered schelude...

I didn't have the same fun as before... Well, the same feel of drawing.

First, drawing was a fun hobby, I drawn to show my love on my favourite cartoons and then, because of college (in the French system, is after school) and being a bully victim, this hobby become a therapy to rid off my destructive and self-destructive though. Even video games are a form of escapism.
Thank to my experience, I become a better artist and a great designer of characters and creatures.

But I have never the disease that the artist fear the most: artist's block. Yes, because art-therapy is a voice printed as a drawing or plastic art, I am unable to stop. It become a curse. A drug, to be exact.

To make thing worse, all my drawing is the result of my depression and destructive fantasy. The art feed mental issue but... Should we be mentally affected to be a good artist? Does people purposly torture us to produce art?
This is why I never wanted to be an artist as a job. My mentally troubled mind is blindly used as an advantage and it would be unfair for others. I wouldn't mind to let them take my design, as long they credit me or doesn't clame as their.

Thoses years of drawing is like wasting time.
Now that I quit school, I catch my retard through reading and writing, which keep me away from drawing. I didn't never know how powerful the books can be: they learn you many thing that you can use in your work, including fan-fiction. Heck, I even read PDF file on various subject. Reading is fascinating. I regret to be deviant toward them. (Because book is related to studious activities)

My mentally changed since then. I have an open-minded critic about everything. It's sad how the world crambles each years.
We are in 2019, we have enough knowledge and they still doesn't use it! The world become dumber and dumber and I feel superior to them, calling them simple-minded and stupid. Not offense, this is how weight my judgement.
Heck, it shows on DeviantArt!

It's by all thoses factors that I lost motivation on drawing. Originally, after school, I was not supposed to drawn. It was planned to but I can't. Once you grown up with a bad company, you become a bad guy himself, though he is redeemable by joining him to a social activity (yes, I read PDF file on delinquency and delinquency has nothing to do with influence. It's a cliché out of a collective fear).

Drawing become useless, playing video game is also useless... Drawing taste nothing but air.
And I am struggling to write stories until I study the writing style and the "Show, don't tell" sheninaghans. Because of the Fiction-mikina event, I lose the "writing is part of the writer's biography" mind... Popular writing prevents you to be you.

My though is crambled but the most important is that my thoughts are here.

To end my journal, I would like to show some concepts art I was working on my agenda.