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Author by Zigar
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Version: v1.1

Update to v1.1:
- In text labels added a tooltip with information about the currently playing track.

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Nice work. Why does the equalizer always say (disabled)?

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It's awesome thank!
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Another beauty thanks for the great skins :)
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... and Thanks))
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Date of last update ?
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I do not remember. long
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Awesome ! Thanks for sharing !
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It's wonderful! Thank you very much!!
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damn... it seems you put a lot of work into this! Well done!
thank you fore sharing!
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:icontxrabbit:  Well Done!
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Update to v1.1
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одним словом - ЧЁТКИЙ
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Orgasm Incoming :D ty
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This is amazing!!

Could you perhaps find it in your heart to make an AIMP3 skin for the PATH vs? I love this vs, have been using it for quite some time, but can never find a really like-able  AIMP3 skin to match it. With your skills, I'm sure you could make one that perfectly matches PATH. 
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Sorry, i do not quite understand you. You want me to do a skin for another player? I just do not know English. What is PATH?
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Видимо имелось ввиду вот это.……

В версии для Rainmeter в комплекте уже идет скин для медиаплеера.
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