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beautiful luna i love her ❤️

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 I love the way you made her hair turn into a galaxy!
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Absolutely majestic. The more I see artwork like this, the more I wish Luna's mane was more divine-looking in the show.
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This... really is starting to turn my day around... I love it
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Luna after waking up
Awesome piece you have here. :)
Luna 50X50 (icon smaller) Princess Luna 
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I got it as my screen background and i wonder... is there a non red cheek version? 
She s kinda blushing but... not sure why? Doesnt look sick or charmed... so it seems out of place. 

Still good picture ofc... let alone for the hair :p 
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"*sigh* I need coffee."

BEautiful work
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Wooow...! Her mane is truly gorgeous...! Luna looks simply beautiful here... love it...! :heart: :love: :heart:
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Absolutely beautiful.
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Ich liebe alle deine Werke!
(That means i still love all your work!)
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Прекрасная и уставшая...Всё пространство в Её владениях.
А волосы просто чудесны в своей детальности. Ровно как и Её лицо, Её прекрасные полуприкрытые глаза.

Восхитительная работа.
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Я с тобой согласен
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Beautiful work well done! :la
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how amazing is this!? totally blows me away! very very well done! incredible job I love Princess Luna!
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Looks like I've found a new wallpaper! :D
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The attention to detail, wow. Like the refections in her eyes. Well done! Truly awesome!
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