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I needed to search by image in google to find who made this, nice work!
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Hi, I know this might seem strange, but I found a phone cover on AliExpress with this image on it:…
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Noice. I like the texture you've done there
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do u take requests?
Vinylicious-Pon-3's avatar
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This is an awesome drawing! Good job.
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This is awesome!
You should try drawing a very similar one to this, with Applejack instead of Rainbow Dash and looking over a forest from a ledge? That would look so cool!!!
LadySlick's avatar
Actually i can see that working
You should try it ZiG-WORD !
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Es increible! WOW! I LOVE ITTTT!!! Scootaloo (Squee) Plz Rainbow Dash Meow 
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I like your sleek style, it just looks well on the ponies
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RD's ready for adventure!
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Epic flight time
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She looks guirly and awesome at the same time ^^
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I like seeing her with more realistic clouds than the show's usual style. It gets me daydreaming about how pegasi would work with real cloudscapes, like the vast uneven layer in this picture.
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Omg! She looks so AWEOME =D Dashie you are the best, girl :happybounce: 
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Ну неужели я добавила в фавориты арт со скина для моего телефона. Чудеса случаются.
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Почему бы и нет Х)
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Wow!! This is totally one of the best Rainbow Dash works I've ever seen!!! ;D :O
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So awesome!!!(С) Rainbow Dash 
Holy shit... This is probably the best Rainbow Dash art I have ever seen. Excellent work! O.O
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