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I like Queen Chrysalis

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Breathtaking! :love: The majesty of this tranquil scene. From the trees in the background, to the beautiful waterfalls, to the small pool Chrysalis is wadding through. And the detailing on her. Her mane and tail are gorgeous and while she looks lovely overall, the expression on her face tugs at my heart, and makes we want to give her a hug. :hug: Thank you for this work of art! :wow:

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The details!! Some artworks are simply so beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, I love the scenario of Chrysalis going off on her own to a solitude and quiet peaceful looking place just for her. She's filled with rage and anger sometimes, but seeing her in a peaceful scenery like this is so unique and beautiful.
Maybe for a distant future where she finds herself in a place like that again and just, relaxes from the past.
And for other reasons, I imagined this song as the background.
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Fantastic work!
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why do I love you YOU'RE A VILLAIN SMH
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Beautiful, really !
I love your style
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This reminds me of one of my headcanons where there is a big holy tree in the center of the badlands and ensures the area grows and nature blooms. With it withering and not enough love for the changelings to supply it so does the land.
Right there she looks like a worn out soul--or a tormented one.
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Превосходный рисунок!) Кризи - Богиня Love Heart Heart Heart 
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Beutifull art. I just love her.
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She's so niiice~ x3
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It's so beautiful! ^^
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She looks gorgeous with that mane

Wonderful work
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Wow...!!! This is so beautiful...!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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My god, that's beautiful
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One of the best tecnicks I've ever seen
(one tip for the watterfall: brake it a little bit :3 )
Awesome drawing!
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She's so beautiful!
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This is truly a masterpiece in my eyes from the finely detailed background leaves and water to the tree bark.
I and probably most mlp artists could only hope to achieve such a wonderfully executed piece. I bow to you ^^
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