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Puppet Chapter four - Care

- Are you looking for something very special, siiir? – childish voice asked Yagami Soichiro, who was looking interested about the WTC great diorama, so he memorized the reason of  his visit.
- Oh… I almost forgot… - in some mess he took a photograph of Matsuda out of his breastpocket, - this guy should have entered your shop this morning, somewhere around four at the morning.
- He’s so cuuute! Is that your son? – she gave him a critical look – Not much alike you… But he reminds me… - she put a finger on her chin and stared at the lamp on the ceiling.
- No, a co-worker. I’m from police. Have you seen him?
- Oh! Exactly! I have one here, who looks just the same as this boy! – she turned around immediately, beating Soichiro with rain of her red hair and disappeared somewhere among the shelves. When she was back, she holded a small good-looking puppet in her hands. That doll looked so much alike Matsuda – the same soft black hair, the same childish smile, the same chocolade-brown eyes, even the suit was from the same material, and his figure had the same proportions. – “No… that’s complete nonsence! It just can’t be!” – the Chief even shaked his head to get rid of such thoughts.
- Emm… miss… I was speaking of a real person, not a PUPPET! – said he with uncovered irritation, noticing the girl’s sneer.
- I have no idea, who’re you talking about, but you can take this toy for free, if it looks so much like your colleague! – she began to laugh without any shy, and Soichiro hurried up to leave this shop, holding the small copy of Matsuda in his hands – “Magic!? No, such delirium is so like Matsuda… but not me! Soichiro, you live in the XXI century! But he’s so much alike… - closing the shopdoor he took a glance at the doll’s face again and shattered – he saw Touta’s eyes peering at him with expression of fear and pray, - “Nonsence! That must be the creator’s idea…” – thought the Chief, turning away from that stare so alive. He walked back to the headquarters, clearly realizing the fact that he’s not going to find anything more than the toy, who’s eyes expression changed to thanksgiving and hopefully scared.
- “Oh my poor boy…” – Soichiro nodded sadly, stroking Matsuda’s soft hair with his finger tips – “I wonder if Ryuzaki included this to his endless possibilities and chances? Why’d I taken you to this case? But… you wanted yourself, you were so obsessed with justice… you are obsessed with it! And you’re just obsessed with L… I should have explained you that that was a very bad idea… now what you’ve got? You were completely useless in police, and at Kira’s case… now you’re in even worse position! Fool… such a sincere fool… God, what am I talking about? Who’s gonna believe me, that it’s you!? I can’t believe it myself, but I see no other rational explanation! I wonder if you can see me now… I wonder if you even can feel me holding you now… or hear… I wonder if it really hurts to be so plastic… but if it’s really you, I’ll never forgive myself if you’re not going to return to your normal form! I don’t know how, but I’m going to find a way to help you… anyway…
There you all can easilly guess what happened to our poor Matsu... But Chief loves him as his own son, so he's not going to leave him! ))

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You should defiantly continue this :D