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Chapter one

- I don’t care what you’re murmuring, Ryuzaki ordered you to bring him a cake! You’re useless anyway, so you can sleep in the day time. And hurry up, or he’ll lose his idea! And it will be your fault! Now go! Don’t sleep you fool! – said annoyed and exited Watari, pushing somnambulic body of Matsuda on the street and putting a pack of yens in his hand. Iron door loudly slapped in front of him.
Five minutes after poor cop realized, that he’s not on cosy sofa – he’s on an important mission – he must get L some cake. At four o’clock. In the morning. MORNING?! Matsuda felt completely shocked realizing this Mission Impossible… he felt only cold wind and empty streets around. The streets he should walk through to find a cake.
- Cake… cake… cake for Ryuzaki… sure… - he walked with halfclosed eyes leaving his legs on intuition. – At four o’clock… and I forgot the list of address of 24h shop… damn… - he felt nervous and disturbed as anyone would after so many sleepless nights. He couldn’t sleep well after the day he inscened his suicide and after that lethal show at Sakura TV – almost every night he saw himself falling or, even worse, watching the death of all who took part in the investigation, even L, all killed by Kira. Strangely Raito was Kira in these awful dreams… Today he finally could sleep without any nightmares, hoping to get reed of this voimitory and sleepness, pursuing him for last few weeks… but Ryuzaki wanted a cake. And he didn’t care, as always, where and how would he get it. – He saved my life… but am I doomed forever to fetch him cakes?! What a mess… - suddenly he saw among the buildings a pleasantly shining house, that was big enough to be a café. – Is that really my luck? – inspired, he limped a little faster but soon he was totally disappointed again – that was a toyshop.
- Toys? At four in the morning? – he smiled skeptically – I must be dreaming… maybe I’ve fallen asleep somewhere in the middle of the road and soon my body’s gonna be pressed by passing car… And if I’m sleeping, I may enter this mirage shop, may I? No, Ryuzaki, You won’t get any cake from me today… you should have some extra savings for such cases! Tooooys!! – his smile turned from skeptical into happy and childish, eager lights appeared in his sleepy eyes  and Touta entered the toyshop as if it was the gates of heaven…
That wasn’t an ordinary toyshop as he could see soon – all toys looked very beautiful and expensive, there were dioramas, that almost seemed real near the dolls standing around them. It all was so great and so fragile at the same time, that poor cop couldn’t dare to touch them. He was passing by the shelves with animal-toys and then his eye spied some dolls that vere undistinguishable from real human-beings, just many times smaller. He even wined under their expressive eyesights.
- Do you like them? – asked the red girl, appeared almost from nowhere in front of him when he turned from that shelf, - this one costs 1000 yen, and this one is 1500, and this… - her long thin gracefull fingers were moving from one doll to another, so harmonized with their own natural beauty. Matsuda watched with unhidden pleasure, before he could find some will to turn around again.
- I cannot afford them… sorry… - said he, trying to focus on the floorsquares
- Judging by this pack of money, sticking up from your pocket, you’re either liar, or commissionaire, who was sent to get some peaches for some princess tonight… and you’re barely standing, poor boy, you want some rest… so I can give it to you… - she holded him with her hands, when his brain started loosing control of situation because of mr. Sandman’s dreamy waves that covered him. – Nobody ever respects you, right? And nobody cares for you, poor boy… so you may stay here! - Touta felt himself falling somewhere very very deep away from the reality, and the last thing he heared from that strange red girl was – If it appears that you’re not useless, if it appears that they can miss you, or even care for you and love you – you may return to what you’ve been…
Finally I've translated one piece of my Death Note fanfiction "Puppet" about Matsuda, his magical adventures and a lovestory with L)
Here is the very beginning. It is my first fanfiction in english ever so... don't criticize too much) And the plot... um... yes, I have rich fantasy... poor Matsu)
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