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Hi :)

I'm expanding my photography area: 
- photoshoots, 
- commercials 
- and my photo workshop

Do you know or you could recommend international photo agents that I could reach to support this expansion?  

I'm looking mostly for agents in Europe and USA.

thanks in advance for your help!

This is fantastic start of this year :) 

That's the 3rd day in a row that my work hits TOP on popular photos on 500px. All photos with Klaudia :) She is amazing and I feel we have created a little bit of magic with every photo :)

This year was a fantastic one. I've met excellent people, photographers, models, makeup artists. I've worked for fantastic customers and had a chance to shoot amazing images. It's been a whole year of being with you. 

It's also the year of my life-changing decision: since tomorrow I'm becoming a full time photographer. It's a decision that will allow me to focus and do more of what I love. I do believe I will be able to share with you some more of magic 

I'd like to thank you all for the support and giving me possibility to do something that drives me so much.

Stay tuned and Happy New Year to all of you!
I need my own Tomasz Zienkiewicz/zieniu logo: clean and matching my 'brand'. 

I'm looking at the other logos out there and well... I don't like most of them that are following this 'equipment direction': camera, lens, etc.… 

Logo generators also don't help much ;

The problem: I'm very demanding/picky 

Maybe clean font only? Any ideas?
I was asked to create a calendar with a concept of women+sensuality and music.

Different ideas come to my mind:
1. lingerie women with tatood music signs/instruments on their body -> on dark background
2. women in long dresses with instruments (violins, saxophones etc) -> all in classic indoor locations
3. nude women with light painting on them (like one of my previous photos): the image displayed on their body would be for example cd covers of well known artists (not sure about copy rights)

can you propose other ideas? do you have some inspirations about that?
I'm preparing material for my first retouching workshops for photographers.

If you were to attend, what you would like to hear about?
I'm quite excited as I've finally managed to merge photo and video :)

I've considered a lot of option of which tool to use to merge few seconds of video into a slideshow of photos and finally chose

here's the result of last photo(video)shoot with Sylwia:

I've shot the video parts with my Nikon D800 and a monopod, just to try this technic. 

Any thoughts on that? what tools do you use? for video+photos slideshow?

I have 2 questions to you that would help me define my work and next shoots :)

1. Write few words that comes to your mind when you look at my portfolio
2. Give titles of magazines that you think my photos match the style and could be printed in

I'd like to hear from you how you perceive my photos, and if in your opinion my style has some recognizable patterns.

thanks :)
I invite you to a french blog of Aude: thepinkolive

I had a pleasure to give an interview about my work…

Thanks to Aude for the interview :)
I have a question to all of you :)

I'm going to move my home webpage to zenfolio (don't worry I'm staying on Deviantart -> it's just about moving from my current hosting to something more advanced).

I'd love to here your opinions + comments on the new layout. What would you change/add/remove?

trial here:

btw. it's not final yet of course

thanks in advance for your opinions!
I've created proof book version of my portraits portfolio. What do you think about such way of presenting portfolio? Is it ok?…

Maybe you can suggest other ways?
This is amazing timelapse with so amazing landscapes! Just immerse into this for a while. I'm totally hypnotized by this incredible work!
I'd love to go there :)

Author: Bevan Percival
I proudly invite you to check newest iPress Magazine iPress Magazine :)

It's in polish, but the images speak for themselves don't they :)

I would like to thank to ALL models, makeup artists and stylists who are involved in creation of my dreams. and thank to you of you who support my passion! THANK YOU!
Here's a proposal :)

I'll be happy to give a photography workshop for anyone in the world :)

And... it's going to be for FREE.

However I'd expect from you that you would organize and pay for the trip (economy one!), and you would organize logistics of the workshops (location, model, MUA)

I'd love to visit places that I haven't seen, and would love to meet passionate photographers that I haven't met. And I do love sharing what I know about photography.

one condition:
- I don't earn money on this workshops, so the same rule applies to you. The workshops cannot be 'commercial' in a sense that someone makes money on them. Of course workshops will need to cost some participation money (because of trip, models and logistics), but they are just for organization of the workshops

Let me know if you're interrested :)
it was wonderful time in Alps in Austria. My son + myself extremely enjoyed the skiing. Unfortunately my wife had a little injury in the leg, but she enjoyed getting tan in the snow :)

now let's back to photography :)
Music has always been a key element of a photoshoot.

It helps creating a mood and in the result it helps bringing some emotions on a model.

Each has different taste, and each photography genre requires  different music (imagine sensual glam vs  romantic portrait). That's why I've decided to collect the music inspirations for the photoshoots. Here's my beginning for the portraits (on pinterest):…

What's your music inspirations?
I've just watched the movie..

amazing images and music to inspire. liked it very much.
I've applied my work 'Beauty'

in a contest…

let's see if I have any chance...
my marketing journey continues :)

I've just finished preparing my business cards that are also a 'portfolio presentation' (many business cards layout with different photos on the back side)

I'm preparing also to give few photoshoot gift vouchers to my customers, so I want to print the vouchers/coupons on nice card (postcard format maybe).

However  I'm stuck with finding a good psd gift voucher template that would NOT look like a christmass gift :(

can you direct me to some layouts? the customers are (as you can guess looking at my portfolio) females so it must be something that females would be happy to look at :)

thanks for your help in advance :)

I've just launched a contest/competition for a new face of my portfolio. It's the first time I'm doing such an promotional event, so I'm curious how it will go.
The reward: the shoot - I'm sponsoring whole event at my studio
That's only for people that are willing to go to warsaw for the shoot :) that's why it's in polish…

do you have an experience on promoting your work through contests? pls share it with me, I'm really interrested