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Alone with you

By zieniu
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all copyright reserved to Tomasz Zienkiewicz
model: Klaudia; makeup: Alicja Nowak

any use without written permission from the author is not allowed.
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© 2011 - 2021 zieniu
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First I would like to start with that I found your picture as thumbnail in the glamour portraits group and think that this is not a glamour portrait the way I see it. This has the more sentimental feel to it. The girl looking relaxed and at peace after something that have really shaken her mind. Positive/negative experience? Who knows. The crop and the expression on the girls face tells a lot of stories making the viewer think for them selves. Not the most original idea but executed very well.
For the technique - it's brilliant. The Look, the pose, the hand and so on are perfectly fit in this photo and the girl is just stunning. Beautiful. Love it.
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thank you very much :)

the title is 'alone with you' because I played a song with the same title during the shooting.

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beautiful song! :)
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Tres mignone, jolie visage!!!
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beautiful nodel nice joob.Heart Heart Heart Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] 
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Most beautiful ive seen so far
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Co tu dużo pisać - dobrze strzelasz no i oczywiście piękne kobiety - powodzenia! Ten rok będzie dobrym rokiem:)
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Oh... i'm falling in love!
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Very gorgeous girl, excellent shot!
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she is so beautiful ...
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Amazing portrait of a beautiful person
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Hi Tomasz,

First of all, I really appreciate your work. your photos are really awesome. i'm not photographer, but I share your feeling and I think that you show very well this feeling from your models into your photos.

Now I would like to ask you for the permission to use this picture as basis of a digital painting for the illustration of a Bulgarian poem that talks about a soul lost somewhere between heaven and hell and who must find a way to save themselve.

Here is the english translation of this poem:

Being at the bottom of the Inferno
Full of utmost woe and tribulation
Out of the burning ember of sorrow
Weave your own ladder to get out
Being smashed pathless in a maze and muddle
Walled in between four walls
From all your dead paths
Carve a new one to go alone
A vicious hardship is life’s puzzle
Crucifying human souls
Having lost everything not losing thy self
Is the only possible solution

(sorry if the translation gives not the full idea of what the peom means, my english is not the best...)

I would be very happy and honored if you allow me to work with this picture.

Thanks in advance for your answer.
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beautiful girl...
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gorgeous & adorable babe....
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She's such a beauty - and the pictures put her in the perfect pose, light and atmosphere... great work!
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Amazing shot. I gave you credit [link]
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