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Nintendo Crossing ~ Smash 64 Villagers

Something I did a while ago just for fun! The Smash 64 roster as Animal Crossing villagers! (Wolf Link already exists in New Leaf, so I just went for that with him and gave him a BotW champion top! Also yeah I know Louie is basically DK, but this would be even more like the real deal y'know)
I believe their personalities would be:
Cat Mario - Smug
Gorilla DK - either Cranky or Jock
Wolf Link - either Smug (like in New Leaf) or Cranky
Ostrich Samus - Sisterly
Alligator Yoshi - Lazy
Octopus Kirby - Lazy
"Wolf" Fox - Smug
Mouse Pikachu - Peppy
Cat Luigi - Lazy
Cub Ness - Jock
Eagle Captain Falcon - Jock
Hamster Jigglypuff - Normal
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Now all animals will speak Japanese or English.


I hope ya make another Smash Bros Animal Crossing based on the Melee characters and ones on the Brawl characters and the Wii U ones and the Ultimate characters as Animal Crossing Animals

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Ness should have been an eagle. Not only is he American, but he lives in EAGLE land

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Alright, let's see if I can figure these out.

-Mario: The Cat Suit is pretty much the only animal-based Mario power-up to have a major focus (Well, aside from the Tanooki Suit in 3D Land, but the only Tanuki in AC are special NPCs).

-DK: Too obvious to explain. Moving on.

-Link: Wolf Link is an amiibo summon in Breath of the Wild, so him representing BotW Link this time is still fitting.

-Samus: Samus has the DNA of the Chozo, a race of bird people. As for why she's an ostrich specifically, perhaps it's because of her tall stature (ostriches are the tallest birds, after all.)?

-Yoshi: Alligators are the only reptilian villager species in AC, although crocodilians are the closest living relatives to the dinosaurs anyway (aside from birds, but what bird villager would Yoshi even look good as?).

-Kirby: Hmm...Perhaps it's the fact that octopus villagers have suckers as "mouths"; Kirby has the ability to inhale stuff, otherwise known as "sucking". Does that seem like a stretch?

-Fox: I mean, foxes aren't a villager species, so what else is there to choose from? (The only side effect is that he would probably be referred to as a "wolf" by the game's dialogue, but what can ya do?)

-Pikachu: It's considered the "Mouse Pokémon". Not much else to say. (Although to be honest, I think Pikachu would look better as a rabbit villager)

-Luigi: See "Mario".

-Ness: Aside from Ness being a "kid" (cubs are basically bears as "kids"), the only explanation I can think of is because of the teddy bear item in EarthBound.

-C. Falcon: Eagles seem to be more-or-less a representation of birds of prey in general (such as falcons), so an eagle is obviously the best choice for him.

-Jigglypuff: Er...because hamsters are "round" like Jigglypuff? My first choice honestly would've been a cat if only because its ears look like cat ears to me.

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Tanuki, Racoon, Flying squirrel and Frog are all power ups Mario possesses.

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Fox and Link were done wonderfully.

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ok let's be real they would make yoshi the first and only dinosor prove me worge

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If Animal Crossing New Horizons has an Amiibo Island update... Here are the Mario Villagers since of Mario 35th Anniversary.

Cat Mario (Smug)

Cat Luigi (Lazy)

Gorilla DK (Cranky)

Alligator Yoshi (Lazy)

Bull Bowser (Cranky)

Cat Peach (Normal)

Cub Daisy (Peppy)

Rabbit Rosalina (Snooty)

Pig Wario (Cranky)

Pig Waluigi (Jock)

Monkey Diddy (Jock)

Squirrel Toad (Lazy)

It would be great if they had made more amiibo villagers for New Horizons, like they did in New Leaf.

(I would definitely buy the Mario and Luigi amiibos to get those cat villagers!)

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They should have these in the game! Awesome work!

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Wow, I can see you like Nintendo :)

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This is absolutely adorable! :D

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Awww the Yoshi is perfect!!

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I love Ness so so much!

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Good Job Zie Ghost! If you guys could check my account out that would be cool. I'm very new also so My art may be shabby

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I love DK and Yoshi!!!!

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Your very talented:D

This..this...THIS IS PERFECT

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