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...Dream Friend?
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Published: June 22, 2018
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untrustable dork as a dream friend? fine, i'll take it
a bit late but I drew the dark borb.
I saw some gameplay footage of him in Star Allies and i love how he uses sword + mirror movesets, pretty much what I was hoping from him.


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Comments (33)
Shining-I-Guess's avatar
Shining-I-Guess|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Clearly not a dream friend... Heck Daroach is better than this, I mean, he totally wouldn't steal a Friend Heart despite it looking similar to a gem
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Beau-Skunk's avatar
Nice one, and yeah it's kinda nice to see an unexpected character return.
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latiasfan5's avatar
amazing mirror was my first kirby game
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Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Legacy-Galaxy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kirby: Hey! Come back with that!
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Nightmario's avatar
Nightmario|Hobbyist Artist
Just... AMAZING... :D
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Dracos-V's avatar
"I'll take that, thank you very much."
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NOMNOMSUN's avatar
NOMNOMSUN|Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is no way to explain this picture without sounding like a shipper or something sexual is going down.

I tried.

"He stole Kirby's heart!"
"He stole something valuable of Kirby's!"
"He took the friendship heart from Kirby!"


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Thegrandman's avatar
I actually understand that. He stole that light heart to use as his own.
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ToasterStrooder's avatar
ToasterStrooder|Hobbyist General Artist
So Dark Meta Knight just took the friend heart. Clearly, he just really wants companionship. 

I really like the coloring in this. 
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sirholland1220's avatar
did.... did dark meta knight just FORCE kirby into being his friend?
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AlKend93's avatar
Dark Meta Knight's like, "Yoink!"
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SMBros's avatar
SMBros|Hobbyist General Artist
Kirby: Come back here with that!!,
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SirArceon's avatar
SirArceon|Hobbyist Writer
I wonder what the story is for him becoming a Dream Friend. Marx apparently survived and had a change of heart (or, at least, wants to team up to take out an even worse threat), and Daroach is grateful to Kirby for saving him from Dark Nebula, but... why would Dark Meta Knight join forces with the ones who defeated him?

I guess we'll find out soon enough. Or not. Either way, he's gonna be AWESOME to use.
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MutouYuugiAiboufan's avatar
MutouYuugiAiboufan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That background works really well for this. It almost looks like they are trapped in Dark Meta Knight's world or something. The idea to have him swipe the friend heart is a clever idea. It makes me think that he is trying to prevent Kirby from making him a friend. It is as if he is sending a message to Kirby telling him "I won't ever become your friend". The expression on Kirby's friend is priceless. Nice work.
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NandoDoodle45's avatar
NandoDoodle45|Student Traditional Artist
Dark Meta Knight: AH!

Kirby and Meta Knight: Huh?

Dark Meta Knight: *Swipes the heart*
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SwagmanIV's avatar
Thanks to this comment, I can't unhear Dark Meta Knight with the voice of Scary Terry from Rick and Morty.
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NandoDoodle45's avatar
NandoDoodle45|Student Traditional Artist

It was supposed to be a reference to Kirby's anime.
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Kawakigirl's avatar
Kawakigirl|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I guess you could say that he stlole your heart
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MetaMirby's avatar
MetaMirby|Student Digital Artist
Woah, easy with the cheese, Dark Meta. XD 
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FangirlSupreme's avatar
FangirlSupreme|Hobbyist General Artist
YIS it's the edgy b0rb
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MetaMirby's avatar
MetaMirby|Student Digital Artist
Beware of his pure edginess. Meow :3 
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SuperSmashCynderLum's avatar
XD I'd never ever expect Dark Meta Knight to be a dream friend. Things are doing to be interesting now. :D XD

Oh, by the way. When do you think the 2nd DLC dream friends will arrive in? June? July or August? Also, do you think Adeliene will still be the last dream friend to be revealed or do you think she'll be replaced by someone else or maybe we'll only get two dream friends this time? I mean, we haven't had another dream friend reveal age in a long time. :(
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Austin7Hearts's avatar
“Dark Meat Knight.” XD
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