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in the sun

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Ziege, What I especially like about this wonderful photo is the blurred branches and the other plant in the foreground. They give the definite impression that we, the viewer, is peeking through the shrubbery to spy on this young woman who believes she is sunbathing in private. We can take all the time we want—all the time we need—to voyeuristically study her nakedness. This feeling of spying with abandon is enhanced by her eyes being closed and her hearing likewise inhibited. She is, in essence, unaware, vulnerable, and defenseless.

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Very well recognized.

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I think she needs someone to apply some suntan lotion. Can I? Can I?!?

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Yes, you can.

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Lovely scene!;)

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Perhaps there is a bit of tension in her hands, but otherwise she's exquisitely peaceful. What's she listening to?

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Might be the latest Dow Jones Industrial Report? 😇

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