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Under the arms of distant hurricanes  by ZIEB Under the arms of distant hurricanes :iconzieb:ZIEB 1 0 Shhhh'sh. Hide. Issss Halloween  by ZIEB Shhhh'sh. Hide. Issss Halloween :iconzieb:ZIEB 1 0
The trees The evergreens
Stoic-fateful trees
Like stoic-fateful evergreens
They bristle
With cold steel needles
They bristle 'cross my bare skin to leave behind chill thoughts of animosity
And if for not for shrill sounds of broken snowflakes sifting through branches like fragile shards shattered glass I would have never noticed that deep cut-throat warning that the ghosts howl from stretching trees that reach that cre-ak with sounds of craning at me
A Forrest
It seems
Fully alive
But cold
So cold
And haunting
Dead voices
Haunting places
That hiss of death's cruel superficial permanence
That's why
           There stands
                      The trees
                              The evergreens
Because of strong evil
It takes an even stronger love
Love like cold steel needles
Love that wethers the winter
Love that reminds us
:iconzieb:ZIEB 2 0
For Her
Crape Myrtle petals paint the air
A violent violet of something rare
And sounding Cicadas litter the sky
While soft nostalgic lightning rumbles by
So the life we left behind
Remember the garden in the rain
Those soaked penitent petals
Buds of the past that never grew to blossom
We planted them together
Your favorite and mine
On borrowed ground
Sacred Earth
Places where tiny Arachnids string thin musical line
Where aspirations of green June Beetles are to celebrate their Creator
Where the trees tower to bring down His glory
Where the approaching storm keeps it's urgent rhythm
And the tiny spiders, like a lire, pluck the thin melody wire
And the songbirds, just for me, add overarching harmony
And the trees, with alarm, rustle small sounding Cicadas
That is where I want to be
By your side
Beneath our tree
Where the ground touches the sky
For who could ever enter our sanctuary
The garden where the blood was spilled.
:iconzieb:ZIEB 2 0
My Friend: The Earth Wobbles
My friend; The Earth Wobbles
It dances a dizzy ellips with unbridled enthusiasm
We're all feeling a little tipsy
We were slung past Mercury and sling-shot by Mars
And startled poor Jupiter's moons
We paused for a brief intermission, then scattered the comments and stars
We shaved by Saturn's rings and disorientated Uranus' disillusion of Neptune's warm shores.
We witnessed Pluto's remorse and fortunately whirled back to greet Venus with only enough time to say bye
Earth is alone now, with nothing to revolve 'round
With nothing to stand apart from
My friend is lost
And on the wrong side of the globe
With something so heavy as our friendship...
...The Earth Wobbles
Of My
:iconzieb:ZIEB 1 0
Painted Heart
It's not in the words you sing but the music played behind them
Can't be found in the things you see, but in the colors of your eyes
Never taken, but given with reverent reimbursement
Won't be felt in the soft tracing of your fingers, but in the thin red threads that we weave between ourselves
You will not unravel it's mysteries on a chalkboard, but with paper's frail pen can one give evidence
It does not glitter like shimmering gold or silver but buried with the treasures of pirates
It cannot be bought but by the perfect substitute through innocent surrender to death
For while we were still sinners, Christ died for us
The death of God spilt innocent blood on our hands
We are
      Forever stained
                    By Him
For Christ is the color of your eyes
And love, the pigment of the heart
:iconzieb:ZIEB 3 0
Born to Race
I saw a ghost
A cold serenate
Keeping watch through swath of night
And the incandescent shadows
I follow discreetly across thin dry dunes
And ancient linen trade routes
Cross a wayfarer to trace in Farsi dreidels
And solemn stone silhouettes
'Till morning light hides nights dangerous beauty
And for those new to chase
My soul forever born to race  
:iconzieb:ZIEB 4 0
Duel of the Teapots by ZIEB Duel of the Teapots :iconzieb:ZIEB 1 0
Peyton and Sony's Halloween
Today was going to be great! I was so excited, I almost couldn’t sleep. So, I decided to write. Here goes.
     Dear Diary. Today is going to be awesome for two reasons. One, because it’s Halloween. Duh! And two, because today is also the day that Sony turns twenty! He
has gotten so big since the day he found me. Hard to believe he was only about two feet long; all covered in pink paint and riddled with permanent marker doodles. He
still won’t tell me why. But I can’t imagine that it was anything pleasant. Maybe I’ll write a little bit more later. But right now, I’m hungry. Peyton slid his palm sized writing
book inside his pillow case and returned his hand from the pillow with a rubber Halloween Cthulhu Mask that he had bought from the dollar store the night before. It
was obviously fake and cheesy but enough to scare a snake.
     Jumping out of bed, Peyton glided through the air for a split second until landing on his
:iconzieb:ZIEB 4 63
Everyone of us
To each his own
I am not accountable for you
Neither you, I
If I had known love I would have shown it
I would have pulled you off that dark oak's rope
But I can't feel anything anymore
No one consoles me
My lungs are searing
And the thought of you pulls taught my mind
My heart, now cold, lost pace years ago
Your face, through that black sack, vague and vacant
Rendered a sole elaborately hollow
You pitiful spirit
I never knew love
No consolation for the dead
My heart stopped cold
And that searing taught cord  
You pitiful thing
I can't feel anything anymore
Inside this familiar black sack
:iconzieb:ZIEB 0 0
The Things That I Had Loved
the things that i had loved the most have turned their backs and ran
its nothing that i knew before in the short lifespan
i chase it knowing i can, as if i had a plan
if ever i had heard Your voice calling through the land, i need only ignore it, only turn a deaf hand
thats when in Your awesome mercy and leading shepherd's staff
cause me walk a different path
the one thats set in stone
now throughout the day when i hear that hissing whisper, i know now not to listen
for if i do i risk to loose His guiding urgent siren
:iconzieb:ZIEB 0 0
Bad algebra
Bumble bees outright
Are algebra ill-legit  
Mostly just can't count
:iconzieb:ZIEB 1 0
Gravity's Wraith
He speaks without words
    He pulls like gravity's' wraith
         He creeps jealously forward forbidden idols
              Antagonist is his name
                                In one hand indulgences
                                    In the other a ransom
                                        Holds no one accountable
                                                  Yet blames us for his denial
:iconzieb:ZIEB 0 0
11:35 Prayers With Wooly Worm by ZIEB 11:35 Prayers With Wooly Worm :iconzieb:ZIEB 1 0
The Great Gray Crags
The Earth scarred with light conveys before me.
Huge bacterial cultures underneath me.
I am pleasantly solemn here.
Above it all.
The great gray crags now are small and negotiable.
What a pity to be a part of.
To have been trapped on.
And subject to it.
Gravity was never one of my favorite forces.
Forcing my feet back to reality.
Barred from reaching your fingertips.
But without it I wouldn't know what direction to reach.
:iconzieb:ZIEB 0 0
Mothers Don't Look
When our children cried in the shadow of the gallows, we never heard the world's anger. For Thou didst choose us from all peoples, Thou didst love us and favor us.
...And when our children are marched to the gallows, Jewish Children, wise Jewish Children, they know that their blood is not counted in bloodshed-They only call back to their mothers; mothers don't look.
                                                                                                                                     Nathan Alterman
:iconzieb:ZIEB 0 0


predatory pride by livinlovindude predatory pride :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 156 32 02 by pledent 02 :iconpledent:pledent 9 0 Hoist (Inkanyamba Patreon art) by omnifelpur Hoist (Inkanyamba Patreon art) :iconomnifelpur:omnifelpur 76 6 Fishy and Feathered Friends-Vore Sketchcomic[ENDO] by SpidersVore Fishy and Feathered Friends-Vore Sketchcomic[ENDO] :iconspidersvore:SpidersVore 139 11 Just A Taste 2 by Inkanyamba Just A Taste 2 :iconinkanyamba:Inkanyamba 75 12 Just A Taste 1 by Inkanyamba Just A Taste 1 :iconinkanyamba:Inkanyamba 92 24 Birches by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Birches by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 206 3 Orange Fog 3 by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Orange Fog 3 by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 306 6 The New Path by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov The New Path by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 261 2 Teamwork (+ story) by Inkanyamba Teamwork (+ story) :iconinkanyamba:Inkanyamba 56 4 wry, livid, annoyed and tsundere by livinlovindude wry, livid, annoyed and tsundere :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 172 69 The gracious host by Inkanyamba
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The gracious host :iconinkanyamba:Inkanyamba 51 12
Starsage Commission 8 by livinlovindude Starsage Commission 8 :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 120 35 Ocean Thrill by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Ocean Thrill by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 271 3 The Carnage by SaintYak The Carnage :iconsaintyak:SaintYak 184 7


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