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Infidelity is no crime
If they are gonna cheat why did they got married in the first place, right? Hahaha. Because that dumb question gives the allusion that all people plan to cheat in the first place right? Even the ones who plan to cheat from the beginning of a relationship are very few. Or that all cheaters or relationships are alike, right? I've been on both sides of this situation.
Besides, when it comes to romantic relationships it's like a zoo out there. There are countless types and forms of relationships.
Some people commit in a relationship not just for love. Sometimes they do it because they think it's their only chance of happiness, due social approval, due to their old age, to please their lover (oh yeah, some people, in fact, play mind games, wanna trick you, threat you or give you an ultimatum to convince you into making a commitment) or because of the fear of abandonment. Sorry but this whole "people only commit because they love each other" is just a fairytale version for the smaller minds.

But he broke my heart, I have the right to burn his stuff, beat him and ridicule him. Yeah, sorry but no. You being heartbroken doesn't give you the right to abuse other people. Your feelings don't give you the right to take revenge against others. What if you're a bad boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse? What you think I'm gonna condemn other people because for finding happiness? And there's also the typical question, "if you're unhappy end the relationship instead of cheating". Yeah, because when you are in a relationship with a wicked person it's always so simple and clear to know what to do, right? A lousy lover never gets violent, try to manipulate you, or confuse you, right? You know all that romanticism that you claim cheaters step upon. Sometime they remain in the relationship because they have the romantic hope things get better. But none of that is gonna keep the world to stop turning and stop people from interacting with strangers and develop feelings towards them. With time, no relationship of any kind it's the same as when it began. So this idea that this person should feel the same towards you forever and if they don't, and they cheat, therefore should be punished, is dumb.

And spare me the whole: he/she swore me to be faithful speech. This may be a shocker for you but I gotta some news, people don't always keep their promises.

Being in a relationship means taking risks. The risk of getting hurt, the risk of getting cheated. This idea that once you secure the relationship, therefore, you won't have to worry about getting hurt is dumb. If you want safety and comfort then don't get involved in any relationship in the first place.
Anyone can see direct references of homophobia, racism, atheophobia , etc in the Bible, Torah, Quran among other religious texts.  And the only way that could ever happen is if those prejudices already existed prior to the creation of those religious texts. This whole notion that religions are this greatest tales ever told is only based on their popularity, not on their literary content. Bottom line is, they are just tales. Cultural tales to be more precise.  And some of them aren't even good from the entertaining point of view.  It's all the same premise, this culture is chosen by a higher power and the only way one can achieve spiritual achievement is if one embraces their customs and ideologies. We have to remember that religions are a recollection of not only beliefs but customs and traditions. Conservative ones, since they condone or promote the preservation of some kind of status quo.  In order to be implemented and added to their religious culture those elements first have to be already present in the society. Otherwise the culture in question won't embrace this as religious notions as well. This idea that if there were no religion there would be no evil or that religion gave birth to evil in human societies is dumb. Religion only gave more weight to the establishment of these ideas as ruling laws. Human beings are perfectly capable of wage war against each other without religion. Religion is the root of religious conflicts , not of evil in general.
America isn't No 1
#1 in Healthcare Efficiency: Hong Kong…
#1 in Education: South Korea…
#1 in Gender Equality: Iceland…
#1 in Freedom of Press: Norway
#1 in Child Well-Being: Netherlands…
#1 in Freedom from Corruption: New Zeland…
#1 in Literacy: Andorra…
#1 in Homosexuality Acceptance: Canada…
#1 in Transgender Acceptance: Spain…

You know who are the ones who think America is the best country in the world? American exceptionalists who have never put a foot outside of America.


Mature Content

Alan Moore stamp
I can't stop wondering, if the more conservative & traditional societies are so proud of their repression on sexuality (claiming that it's their values is what keeps them being moral and therefore superior to the so-called decadent overly sexual cultures), homosexuality, perversions, etc.

Why is it that they are the ones who consume more porn?…

And not just regular porn.… states-are-really-into-trans-porn#.uxswiEZe7

And I'm not just talking about the conservative Christian western places.…

It's almost as if all these so-called religious conservative moral righteous people are in fact one big bunch of hypocrites who promote sexual repression when in fact they are the pervert ones. And all the sexually ones are not only more open minded but more sexually fulfilling ones......

Nahhh, what am I thinking? Silly me, right? onion head 'so what' 
Mandela quote stamp
This reminds me a time when I was a user on an atheist forum. And one day I asked a simple question, what would be the right punishment for teenagers who commit sharking (for the record not to be confused with loan sharks, by sharking I mean the practice that involves the pulling down of unsuspecting women's either tops or lower clothes in public exposing their body while another person either only watch it or film it as well.) And you wouldn't believe that amount of comments that I received from atheists claiming they shouldn't be treated as minors, that they should send to jail. Which lead me to ask my fellow atheists what do you think about how the inmate and prisoners are treated. And they couldn't care less.

Yes, prisoners are in many cases a danger to society, and themselves. Please notice that I take in count their own well being as well. Why? because they are at the end of the day human beings. Besides, let's take in count that there are also multiple cases (keyword "multiple") where prisoners are unfairly imprisoned or treated.
Two examples:
A man who suffered from schizophrenia was boiled alive in a prison shower.…
A man arrested for sagging pants (kinda redefines the term, fashion crime, don't you think?) was killed in custody.…

This kinda makes you think the opinion that people have on prison inmates right? So as you can imagine when I heard my fellow atheists support this kind of idea that all criminals should be treated with no mercy I start debating them. FWI: right after that I said: "But you know what if you people can’t even show any kind of empathy to another human being just because they are criminal then I don’t need to wait for a vote of banning. I don’t belong here." So I left and I've never gone back to that hole of intolerance. Like I said before, it's not the presence or absence of religious beliefs what dictates somebody's moral compass but their empathy. 

Curiously this particular quote not only relates to the topic of an inmate but also to normal life experiences as well. After all, who is better to judge a situation, the guy that is given a preferential treatment or the one who has no leverage nor connections and has to do everything by himself with no guidance? Who is better to judge a country? The foreign politician who is greeted by the president and is hosted in a 5-star hotel, or the traveler who arrives and has to wander around in a city by himself experiencing whatever he stumbles upon the streets? Who can tell the real character of a man? The beautiful blond who the man in question is trying to nail, or the beggar on the street corner who each morning asks him for change only to receive an insult? As far as I know when people have no obligation to treat you fairly nor politely yet they do that shows character, while those who spit you at the first chance claiming that they don't have to be nice to you, those are the real jerks.


Favourite style of art: Anime and manga
Operating System: Mac
Way of looking at life: Atheist
Favourite cartoon character: Shinji ikari, Zuko, Sasuke and Simon(Gurren Lagann)
Personal Quote: I ain't suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying it every minute.


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AntiCultForce Featured By Owner May 6, 2016
Since your profile says you are from Mexico, let me ask you. 

What are your thoughts on Santa Muerte? 
Zidneya Featured By Owner May 6, 2016
That it's a cultural festivity. Personally I've never meet anyone who has either celebrated or believes in it. The only festivity that I've actually seen people celebrate is the day of the dead.…

The santa muerte is supposed to celebrate during those days but I've never even heard of anyone naming it, much less celebrating it.
Batmanwuvsyu Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello! Panda Emoji-28 (Hello Hi) [V2] 

I gave you a 3D Llama Badge badge!

I hope you enjoy it! Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

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(Batamnz sawz yu! Batman sayz hiz!!:batman: )
MixedSunlight Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
"This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." - 1 John 4:10

HE paid the ultimate price of friendship so that you could have salvation. He created you, and has called you by name.
Zidneya Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014

Okay first things first, I’m an atheist and I think that you know that because you don’t even introduce yourself you simply start talking about religion, which I can only assume  is because you found one of my comments I have left somewhere which I found silly doing this but hey if you want to have this conversation fine.


First: You’ve met John? Is John your friend, your acquaintance but more important if John ask you to throw yourself from a bridge would you do it? And let’s not forget that the Bible is a collection of books written by different authors in different times, in different places and not even all the authors agreed on everything so by referring to John you must have full knowledge of John, his life, his customs, along with the rest of the other people if you are gonna quote him claiming that he is right.

And I haven’t met John neither nor I want to. If you’re gonna reply me use your own words please.


Second let’s say that someone sacrifices for you, would you like that? Because if you do, you have issues , me I don’t want anyone to pay for my mistakes, my actions good or bad are mine and mine alone and I won’t let anyone else take the credit from them because my mistakes are part of my personal growth and my achievements are the fruit of my efforts and I respond for them. So if you expect me to say, Oh hey JC thanks for taking the bullet from me, “You are out of your mind.” Why on earth I would want that. If you’re okay with letting someone else pay for your mistakes you are a bad person independently if you are religious or not.


Third: to have salvation? To think that, you actually have to believe that without Jesus everyone is a sinner(every child, every elder, every person) you’re problem isn’t only with me is with all the other 66,68% of the people of this planet (or what you think that everyone believes in Jesus?), why don’t you go and tell them that and let’s see what they tell you.


Fourth: God created me? I was created by my parents and I can prove it (that dam DNA no matter how many times I shower I never rips off) can you prove that god created me(An actual physical prove). When it comes to matters where we don’t have any empirical evidence it is absurd to claim argue  that you know something 100% because you end up making a fool of yourself.


Fifth: Don’t you think I don’t know what you’re doing? I’m an atheist do you really think that I’m gonna change my way of think and see life just for a two lines comment? Seriously? What were you expected that I would read this and realize that you’re right and I’m wrong? Do you’re ideas are really that fragile?


Sixth: Do you know what you’re doing? If you’re faith is so strong why it feel threaten by what I think. And of course you’re gonna deny this but let’s not forget you came to my page for this very fact (otherwise you would be having this conversation with me).  Melissa I’m gonna be honest with you I don’t care about what you or John believe (I don’t care about you’re prayers or thought nor anything) either if you believe in god or aliens or whatever it ain’t gotta do anything with me. What? you expect me that ten or  twenty years from now I’m gonna tell my friend how I changed this girl’s ideology (a girl that I’ve never even met). I’m gonna tell you how this is gonna end, at some point you’re gonna quit this conversation with a certain sense of disappointment because I’m not gonna change my mind and you can’t neither. But unlike you I don’t need you to think like me, nor find any pleasure or superiority satisfaction in you thinking like me.


I’m a different person from you and my advise is: “deal with it.”

MixedSunlight Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
You want an introduction? Ok. Here we go. My name is Melissa. I was born in Florida. I am a human being who enjoys writing, photography, and listening to music... it is a pleasure to meet you. No, really. It is.

And, secondly, this is not about "my friend John". John did not write the Bible - nor did Isaiah, Luke, Micah or Habbakuk - but the Lord God Himself did, through such people as John and Micah and Isaiah, etc. I owe no allegiance to John, for he was a man, but to God.

As for appreciating people's sacrifices, I may reply with the following: Nobody asked Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. The bottom line is that HE DID. So we could have eternal life if we so chose to accept it. Should we depreciate His sacrifice by rejecting it? Perhaps that is your view, but I also have mine.

Next, we are ALL sinners. Christians are sinners. I am a sinner. That's the sad truth, but it is the truth. I am no better than you or anyone else... the only one who is sinless in this picture is God. And I am not targeting you. Merely speaking to you along with other people. The Lord gives me the words with which to reply to whatever "they" may have to say to me. (I know that sounds crazy, but then again... it's how I feel.)

You have a point. You were created by your parents. I have studied biology enough to know that... but who created your parents? Their parents? Yes, of course. But... how far does that go back? Even with the theory of evolution, there would have had to be some sort of beginning to things. It's like asking the question "What came first: the chicken or the egg?". Unless you believe in a Creator, no logic will stand for how you nor anyone else came to be created. Yes, He did create you, and He loves you as His own child.

Now, I would like to clarify what I was thinking when I commented those "two lines" on your profile. I do not expect to open my mouth, and for people to believe me. I do not expect to change the thoughts in people's heads. Even Jesus was met with adversity and disbelief when He walked this earth as a mortal being... a sinless mortal being. My only hope is that I will be able to share my ideas, as others share theirs; that I would be able to spread the Word to both willing and unwilling hearts, for even the sea may soften a stone.

I don't feel threatened by what you think, and neither should you feel threatened by what I think. This is the way I see it: we are both people, we are both sinners, and we have things in common. We both like anime, and art. We should not feel threatened by each other. I do not feel threatened by the absence of God in your life... you should not feel threatened by His presence in my own. You may not care about me, nor do I ask you to. I do not hate you, nor anyone else who's ideas are different from my own - I have had friends of different cultures, religions, backgrounds, even sexual identities. I am not out to get you, nor do I think myself superior to you.

I care enough about you to stand whatever you may say... not because of any personal attachments - we are strangers - but because of a feeling of fellowship and a passion for the Lord.

But... that's enough about me.

He cares about you more than you know, and He is in the real picture. He is in every pixel of the letters that form the words, the thoughts and the opinions that we are sharing. He was the one who created your mind, which enables you to think, survive, speak, and many other things.
Zidneya Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014

A simple Hi would be more than enough.

Now I'm gonna be direct, if you believe that God himself wrote the bible trough John and the gang (which I find silly since if that where truth how can he create an entire universe but has to use others to write a book) these all those homophobia(I Corinthians 6:9-10), sexist(Matt 5:32,1 Cor 34 ), slavery(Ephesians 6:5)religious discrimination(John 2:22) intolerance(Numbers 15:32-36 The Sabbath-Breaker Put to Death, that one I don't remember the numbers very well) that are there are also written by God? And NO YOU CAN'T SAY IT DOESN'T IF YOUR'E GONNA CLAIM THAT THE BIBLE COMES FROM GOD, THEN CLAIM THAT, NOT JUST THE GOOD PARTS THAT YOU LIKE I'M TALKING ABOUT THE HOLE BIBLE.

And your speech about sacrifice doesn't refute my initial statement (you know the one where I say "If you’re okay with letting someone else pay for your mistakes you are a bad person independently if you are religious or not.") So yeah no one asked Jesus to do what he did but if someone takes the blame for a crime that you commit and neither you or nobody asked him to take the blame still changes the fact that someone else is paying for your? Be a grown up and  take responsibilities for your own actions I think that your bipolar God(you know since he's kind at a moment and in the next a homophobic, anti-Semite, cruel god) wouldn't hurt you. 

And why would I wish eternal life?

Time for a story

All questions were raised that day at the public meeting were referred to the life beyond death. Master only smiled without giving a single answer. When later. The disciples asked why he had been so elusive, he answered: have you not noticed that those who do not know what to do with this life are precisely those who most want another life that lasts forever? But is there life after death? Insisted a disciple. There is life before death. Master replied.(And this story was written by a Jesuit priest  by the way)

Know we are all sinners? Atheism may not have all the answers but there is one that it sure does have? Adam and Eve existed? Nop(if you want to think differently that's up to you but there are like 213 different types of fossils that prove otherwise).And you know there's also the fact that the catholic church has admitted that Adan and Eve didn't existed. It's typical by the way of the theological mind and even by the sophisticated theological mind that even when it have been prove that actual beliefs such as Adan didn't occur it stills carries on with the symbolism as nothing have happened, it doesn't matter that the fact have been disapproved you rescue them by turning the into symbol, metaphors or parables.

Now the answers that we didn't have where does everything comes from, It's a common misconception that people has that atheist claims everything to science when let's face it our science it's barely out of it's puberty, science ain't tell what it's happening in that supernova thousand of light years away, science can't tell me what is happening in the palm of my hand in a subatomic level, so NO we can't assure you where it comes from but neither do you(that's funny because  theist present any kind of thing assuring it proves them right but demand specific definitive evidence to prove them wrong, One thing is that you don't know where the universe came from and another is saying that you don't know where the universe came from so it has to be from what I believe, because if you don't know how can you claim?) So we atheist say the universe comes from the big bang because the evidence point to that way and for the answer of what came before that , we don't know the evidence isn't there but nobody knows the answer to that the best we can do is to say: well there is everything we know and this are the knowledge we have, but that's honest and that's why I appreciate that answer because that answer has more truth in in that saying: because my god did it. And theist on the other hand not only claim that the are right but try to stand in the way of those who make experiments to actually find out the truth so in my opinion people that take for granted the truth about the origin shouldn't criticize those who actually dedicate time of their lives to find out the answer. Ohh  and just because I don't know where the universe came from doesn't change the fact that I know where I came from "my parents".

Now you say that you claim you didn't (and I quote you)"I do not expect to change the thoughts in people's heads" and then you say "share my ideas, as others share theirs; that I would be able to spread the Word to both willing and unwilling hearts for even the sea may soften a stone." You may want to use all the metaphors you want to hide the fact that you are  contradicting yourself.  You did wanted to cause an effect on me therefore change my ideas, and the fact that you didn't even admit it tells me much about you. Me on the other hand I know I won't change you and I can't understand that you believe whatever you believe, and that you wish t a non physical essence to be present in your life to make you feel protected in in this scary world, but the part that I don't understand and I would like you to explain to me is ¿where did you got the idea that you can contact people from different ideologies and expect them to be quiet while you talk about god?

You say I don't feel threatened by what you think but then why you keep having this conversation with me?, and using the phrases to support  your religion (and don't project yourself into me saying "if I'm answering because I fell threatened then so must you" because I'm just responding what you say in the order of what you say it, after all you came to my page not otherwise). 

Because if you "I do not feel threatened by the absence of God in your life" then why this constantly mention of god in everything you say to me(yes I saw the god comment on the fireflies my artwork).

"I do not hate you, nor anyone else who's ideas are different from my own", the why you constantly disrespect my beliefs mentioning god over and over I'm an atheist accept it. But you won't if you reply to me your'e gonna mention god agin and again claiming you are doing his will(is his will to constantly make me realize I'm wrong does God has that big emotional needs or it's you?)

because how can you claim God is everywhere if we haven't seen any evidence of gods, spirits, souls, or any plane of existence aside from the physical one.

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