Better Call Kenny Loggins
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This may have worked better a couple weeks ago when all anyone could think about was Top Gun jokes. Maybe. Probably not.

Extra: [link]
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EvanMarshmellowAlexi|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*Ba dum tsh*
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That trolling worth it.
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MLP-NovelIdea|Professional Writer
This has been linked so many times in my social circles. It's GLORIOUS. It's become a meme with my friends with "I swear to God, Lightning Dust..."
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sergeantsante|Hobbyist General Artist
i can't believe how many years it took me to understand this joke GIF My Little Pony - Facehoof 
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I think she's referring to Chris Danger.
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flippedoutkyrii|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I still quote this comic to this very day, even among friends who have long-since stopped watching the show.

We always quote "The Danger Zone" doing the face as well =P
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Kingofgames2000|Hobbyist General Artist
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Rainbow walked straight into that one... lol
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Netheris-Queen|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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PrincessHMDP|Hobbyist General Artist
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petesd|Student General Artist
I dont care much for MLP but this art is cute
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petesd|Student General Artist
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MidnightFlightM|Hobbyist General Artist
Bro. 🙌🙌
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RainbowDash2k14's avatar
Lol, an Archer reference always brightens my day.
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MegaAniLinkFan's avatar
They were in a zone, one of danger.
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OddStorm|Student Digital Artist
How Rainbowdash feels : rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony 
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hydratheseawing|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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acemcgunner|Hobbyist Writer
pinkie pis is best apple.
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friccin-beaned|Professional Artist
oh snap this comment section got beaned
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wog1piffting|Professional Digital Artist
dead meme
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Its not dead if people keep saying it
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