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Hey! New page on the best ninjas vs pirates comic ever! Lest's see why Hitomi is so annoyed...


And here:

The comic has a new Facebook page where is said everything that is to be said about the comic.

Hi, friends!

What I've said above: my web-comic is been updated. You can (and should) check it out here:



Hey friends!

I'm starting a web-comic and I need all the support that a man can have. Since you fellows are deviantWATCHING me it is reasonable to think that you like my work, ergo you will be interested in this, my last work.

The comic is called Jolly-Roger-den, and it's about the events that take place in a fictional island south from Okinawa around the 17th century, when some ninjas and some pirates have a little disagreement.

You can find it on Tapastic, where you can read it in spanish clicking on the yellow button.

Or you can read it on Smackjeeves, if you prefer.

The comic will be updated on thursdays, and I will be posting journal entries to notify you. Please, let mi know if this message reach your hearts by droping some comments.

Best regards