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The Dorothy Scene



OKAY I LIED I WAS PLAYING WITH DIGITAL COPICS AGAIN, this time timing to see how fast it'd take me to color this. About four hours, I'd say? I really probably should've sat down without interruption doing this but I like... didn't! But it was approximately four hours to color this.

ANYWAYS, about the picture, it's a scene from the Noir script I wrote. This is the scene where Coyote's first introduced in the story, bringing along a little noir girl name Dorothy for Charlie to interpret.

EDIT: editing this since I'm submitting it to clubs so I should explain further!

Noir is a mystery set in the 1950's, in a world where if someone dies of during or because of a crime, they return as a shadow creature known as a noir. They tend to have glitched sounding speech, especially when emotional (like, say, from being dead). Charlie Brooksfield (dude with the notepad) is a translator and starts learning how the noir are talking, and becomes a noir translator/interpreter.

Coyote (far left) is a spazzy (if compassionate) accountant who eventually teams up with Charlie to help noir (and usually get wrapped up in some sort of crazy mystery along the way). The guy on the far right is Prof. Boyer, an expert on noir who likes to observe them (even though he's convinced most noir are crazed criminals). He usually gets dragged reluctantly into the mysteries as well.
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I love this concept let's face it usually witness to someone's death is the viticm