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SG starscream

SGstarscream is my favorite character!
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This is brilliant...I'm at a loss for words
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*breathless* That is so cool.
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Very noble and majestic! This is how I imagine Starscream to be before he joined Megatron.
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Great redesign ! Awesome ! #1 
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Waaaaaah this Starscream is so cool!!! I like those blades he's got on either arm, and they're so intricately designed! The gleam of light coming off of his shoulders and wings accentuates his already overwhelming beauty. :love: :heart:

And I love his expression as well. That look seems to be saying, "Cross me, and you'll taste my blades, despicable Autobot!" (Hehe, couldn't help myself there. ^^)

Your attention to detail is exceptionally amazing. Brilliant work! :thumbsup::nod:
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This is one of my favorite pictures of SG Starscream *u*
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thought it was Jetfire!
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Screamer's SG colors are my absolute FAVORITE! I just love his look; he actually looks like a second in command. Brilliant work. :clap:
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He looks awesome. :)
You know, he may be just Starscream in Jetfire colors, but damn, if he doesn't work those colors. Even if they're pretty similar to the colors of the original mold, the way he's lit, and the way he holds himself is just so... heroic. I once heard someone say that the best part of the Cybertron/Galaxy Force Starscream that he looks like the kind of guy who could legitimately take command. It's kind of fitting that he's the only one who got the big Voyager starship, while Dirge and Thundercracker got little F-15 Deluxes. In the mirrorverse, he's allowed to be unique.

And this fanart's just perfect. He looks downright angelic, and the pose perfectly accentuates his appearance. He's got nobility and dignity, but he still definitely looks like he could cut a bitch with those big arm-swords of his. I see this image get passed around a lot, because it plain WORKS, on so many levels.
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I definitely prefer him in SG form.
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WOW just wow. Great job.
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very cool! :la:
me like!
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That is so amazing! *faints*
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asdfghjkl; This is soo awesome!!! <3

I was wondering if you would allow me to use this, SG Optimus Prime, and SG Megatron for templates on Pokefarm. I will give you credit for the art on it.

Please and thank you.
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SG starscream is awesome!!!
Don't you think it'd be interesting if G1's Starscream and Megatron saw how efficient and respected SG's Starscream is?
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he looks like an angel or celestial envoy
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