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Twilight Sparkle Wallpaper

Looks like you enjoy last wallpaper so I create next.

Should I make another one? If so, tell me who would you like to see next.

Rarity wallpaper: [link]
Rainbow Dash wallpaper: [link]
Pinkie Pie wallpaper: [link]
Applejack wallpaper: [link]
Fluttershy wallpaper: [link]
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Luna or Celestia would be awesome.
zibags's avatar
They are in my gallery.
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Gracias por hacerlos, realmente estan geniales
Caradepato's avatar
Set as wallpaper
DekoMage's avatar
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whitefoxboy's avatar
This one is too cool!
DualShooter's avatar
I'm watching you, in case you make more of these.
Destructio23's avatar
Aaaa, after months of search I found a wallpaper that I like!!! Love this!
Really like this one, but the anti-alias is not quite good. Could you improve it? Or simply make one with higher definition?
MyLittleBloom's avatar
eeyup please do Cheerilee [link] . Up to you though, of course.
anzul's avatar
next? hmmm RD or cheerilee?
Frosty35's avatar
More? Yes please, these look fantastic.
Perhaps Cheerilee? Everyone(?) likes Cheerilee.
anzul's avatar
^ that would be interesting :)
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Oh! Finally, I found my new wallpaper.
DooDawDay's avatar
Ok, this is cool shit.
attack193's avatar
Oh, wow, of course you should make another one!
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These are really nicely done! Please make more!
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Jesus Christ create more. And what the heck do you use to make these?!
zibags's avatar
I'm using Apophysis x7.
PwnyBrony32's avatar
I am SO googling that.
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