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Rarity Wallpaper

Rarity wallpaper.
If you would like to see more this kind wallpapers, give me a sign in comments.

Twilight Sparkle wallpaper: [link]
Rainbow Dash wallpaper: [link]
Pinkie Pie wallpaper: [link]
Applejack wallpaper: [link]
Fluttershy wallpaper: [link]
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This looks like some kind of Cefalon from Warframe.

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I like the ambiguity of this wallpaper. I can comfortably have this on my computer, and no one can tell what it is unless they know what Rarity's cutiemark is. 
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Wow, was searching for a good wallpaper and fall on yours.
Really cool !
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Oh hey, I finally found the source of this awesome image!
IDR where I found it first, but this has been my laptop wallpaper for more than a year and a half :)
I simply love how it looks and never get bored of looking at it. Probably its because it reminds me a lot of those lights in fountains.
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:iconikkakurapefaceplz: This pleases meeeeeeeee
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This is so fricken cool
OMG *.* this looks so wonderful
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I just realized that Rarity's cutie mark loosely resemble a Thieves Guild shadowmark. You know, from Skyrim. Pretty neat stuff.

Great work on the wallpaper too. I'll be certain to use this!
I love how minimalist this is. Definitely saving this one!:hooray:
deathblob's avatar
Nice, the clean angles around the diamonds draw your attention, then whats inside them holds it hypnotically:)
Athelind's avatar
This is now the background of my Android tablet. Stealthbrony! Non-Bronies just see a cool abstract design, muah hah haaaah.
Alvaria-Eleven's avatar
I love this style, its subtle but still epic. Fav'd
Yeah, more on this style would be great. Would love a Luna one!
This is a sign. Awesome! want moar.
anzul's avatar
seriously dude! amazing job!
Maximillian-Alpine's avatar
Hholy cow! May i ask how you made this?
This is absolutely amazing! Keep up the great work on these!
Bill5125's avatar
Keep 'em coming, these are great.
attack193's avatar
Nice! Thank you! It's perfect for a closet brony such as myself! =P No one will know that they'll be admiring something pony related! MUWAHAHAHA!
PwnyBrony32's avatar
seriously, these are BY FAR my favorite MLP wallpapers, and I've got hundreds on my computer.
DoomZealot's avatar
Yes, I agree make all of the mane six and I would like to see a Discord one in this style please :D
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