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*walks Around Dusting things off*Hey Ziba hon, Well its been awhile, Hope youre ok, me I'm ok, to say it, well like usual in my up and downs and everything ever where. Thought I'd see you.

Been busy in my gallery lately.

I am fine :) Haven't been drawing much lately, not as much as I should have been doing, hehe.. I am mostly active on discord these days

Hey Ziba, I'm on Discord too-, heres my call Sign

[ Kaage_TioJaguaress#8227 ]

I'm usually on and off Discord, now and then pending on how busy I am. But Add me and Send me a Friend Request, I will Reply. Oh, that as I'm on ( Stealth Mode 24/7) So I Appear Offline but I'm not, this is a way I protect myself, I fly Invisibly! Just as I Always have, too, if you remember. Like this Picture as a Reference. Just like I always have , huh Ziba *winks*

Shadow Flight_(Twilight Strike)

Good to hear from you too! I miss EzBoard, remember those, I recall you had a sight too, you had made!

Well Ziba Sweety, I'll be Around.

You, know me Ziba, Still The Lone Leopardess On The Run~`

Hey Ziba, if you want I'll add you to my list of Art Things, if yah want I can do one of our OC's, together, kinda like them Meeting again after years of wandering, kinda like it was back then, hence the ter "That Was Then-This Is Here Now"......

I'm still me Ziba, but alot more matured since then, but just as insanely untamed, fierce and Wild and fun. Just an offer for a pic of you and me. I have 3 Slots left open. I'll add you if you want.

My Journal and Art Req. List. link

You dont need to pay me, I'll do it for free, unless you wanna. Upto you, DA points are fine, if you want.

I gotta job now that pays me well with wife of mine Lubbayah as I'm her wife, as a full Time Female Top Earning Topless Dancers High End Escorts. Fitting job for my nature I was and still am legendary, as the SaberLeopardess I have always been. I Still Love/Care about as much now as I did then...JUst I got lost in time, so much has happened to me since then..

Ziba under it all, I'm still that lonely vulnerable, shy but fierce and can be loving ditzy, ridiculously thin, dieting Saber Girl you always knew, just I matured into understanding life, so much more now, specially after I lost Daddy Lion..to cancers 02.Sep.2020..

*Huggs you :hug:Kiara eye smile *

Nah. But thanks for the offer anyway :) Wouldn't say no to a art trade sometime in the future though, once I have a bit more time myself. But Ziba the lioness isn't really an OC I use anymore. While she is still very dear to me and I have no intentions of deleting her. Nowadays my OC/RP character switches between being just a human, cow kemonomimi or a centaur, depending on mood

Ok Ziba sweety, not a problem sweetheart, We will do a trade sometime then! So, lemme know when its good for you!

Yeah I can see that, but who could forget the badass lioness Anne or Ziba!

I'm not using my SaberLeopardess816 OC as near much, the History with her is turbulent-very complicated I think you know, she gives an eerie feeling. lol She gives an Eerie feeling to many who remember her exploits. Funny thing though, she is really never gone either, just look at my Art, you can see it, still bleeding through.

She is in reserve kinda like a well made redone/remade backup as I remade her, better and more powerful than ever xD ;) hey you know me Ziba, if it can be modified, made more powerful, lethal or higher, faster or farther, I can and will Modify it, something I'm known for. But more than anything else, but I generally switch between my TioJaguaress and TioLeopardess and TioSmilodonPopulator Female Pantherine Sabertooths, which is actually a hybrid-crossover of my SaberLeopardess form mixed in heavily with the others, so she really never is, not quite in use..kinda a reincarnate thing.

Faster Farther Higher! STL816, "STL 816 There Can ONLY Be ONE"~` remember this one, too I was really known for.. "I Cannot Die- I Cannot Be Killed~`".

Funny thing Ziba, many thought after she more/less disappeared, I had relegated her to the bone yard of obsolescence, but I didn't, I merely was going deep undercover to remake the legend. When I resurfaced 2 years ago here at DA as my TioJaguaress form with her mixed in, immediately some were not aware they really had no idea it was me, but some knew were stunned at my return, they recognised it I wanted certain of "Them" to, kinda like if in TLK, Scar and Zira Returning, but far more powerful and invincible, oh wouldn't the arrogant PrideLanders be in sickened dismay xD! Who knows, it could happen. Perhaps a certain "leopardy someone" may Bring them back, immortally and Zira icon unstoppable/indestructibleLion King Scar - be prepared mixed with "Pure Torrean" genetics and remade in to Terminator The Terminator : I Will Be Back like Lion/Lioness, I been thinking about it..Just a thought, but you know me Ziba, when I start thinking, things start to happen..thinking with me leads to doingZira icon.

Hey Ziba sweety, thank you for the Watching of me, dont worry I'll keep it interesting as always!