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Sailor Moon Redraw

Model  Nicolas CageLocation  Japan Tokyo
If there'll be ever a Netflix live version adaptation with Nicolas Cage in the main role, I would hella watch it!!

But seriously, that #sailormoonredraw is such a dumpster fire, pure mess!
Just amazing! #twitterbeingtwitter :'V and it makes my dark heart all warm n fuzzy.

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god fucking dammit! (faves)

DLAXTON11's avatar

It's beatiful.

The-Venturers's avatar
Sidonicus's avatar

Best version I've seen of this meme yet LMAO great job!!!!!!!!!!!

peterchov's avatar

This is great 😂 Nice work :}

AVstravaganza's avatar

Lolololololove this! XDXDXD

I just saw this and thought it was absolutely hilarious. the artstyle looks like it's taking itself seriously which makes it even funnier to me XD. Great stuff :clap:

SikPlum's avatar

This made me laugh too hard it hurt. I was looking for the original XD

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jetaeveux's avatar

this must be the work of leonardo da zi-pa 💜

Reactor-Axe-Man's avatar
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Absolutely beautiful,,,words fail to depict the epicness of this piece... XD

MRKFC99's avatar

Why? Thank you so much for this!!

PeterRosales's avatar

This is true art

Beautiful, just beautiful

HiraiKokoroOvO's avatar

This is.. eye feeding.. Thank you so much.

bakug0ukatsuki's avatar

this is REAL art *sips coffee* Change my mind

TatoRosas's avatar

I didn't how much I needed this in my life. Thank you.

TheStarWarrior's avatar

Somehow I can see him dressed like that. X3

ah yes the true magical girl

Blackbison01's avatar

Christ in a Cartoon...XD

trawlhisdrawings's avatar
Honestly its surprisingly Beautiful picture exactly.
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