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August 5, 2011
Z-PS-Brushes-V2 by ~zhuzhu -- Suggester's words: Useful brushes for digital artists who look for a traditional finish in photoshop. A gift from this incredible artist to all of DA users!!! Enjoy.
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Suggested by Veronika-Art
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i have rework my Photoshop custom brush set, make them more clear and easy to use, and add some new brush set, hope you like it~

click the "Download" link left page to got the brushes~!

note: you also can load these brushes in Photoshop CS,CS2,CS3. but can't load in Photoshop 6 or lower version, cause "Tool Preset" since Photoshop 7.

once again~! these brushes not ABR file, DO NOT LOAD THEM AS BRUSHES! please use TOOL PRESET.


in Mac OS X, maybe the tpl file can't be recognised,cause i creat them on PC. but MAC user still can load them.just copy/paste the tpl file on desktop.then drag it to the dock (Photoshop start icon),after run Photoshop,you will see them in Tool Preset palette,make sure you're on Brush tool.and, you can save the tool presets again on Mac.
© 2007 - 2021 zhuzhu
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lovely, thank you so much.
lakoum's avatar
thanks for amazing brushes)
veeery useful (*゚▽゚*)

HaruLemon's avatar
Thanks for the brushes, they are awesome!!!
thank you, I will be testing my ability to load tools very shortly! 
MaratNur's avatar
Thank you very much !!
celiaberry's avatar
Packittoo's avatar
Thanks for the brushes!!

marvelous art!
socgia's avatar
Thank you for sharing
ElliottWilkie's avatar
Thanks so much for these man, I can't wait to give them a go!
How can I download the brushes??? Plz help!
sadato's avatar
Thank you for sharing!
gmangar's avatar
I want to drop a big thank you here. These brushes were an invaluable asset for me in the past. With the time I've slowly replace them by my own tools, but when I got my first tablet I was really desperated cause I didn't get any proper natural looking strokes until I found your brushes. I do still use the flat dry oil one sometimes :)
gmangar's avatar
flat smooth oil, I meant.
zabelbock's avatar
thank you so much !!! it's awesome !!!
dawnstail's avatar
Thank you very much!!!!!!
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I use PS6 on Mac, and just dragging the .tpl file on to the PS icon didn't work...
I put the .zpl file in my 'Tools' folder (cmd+click on PS6, put the file in Adobe PS6/presets/tools), then opened PS, clicked on Window/Tool Presets and ta-dah! zhu-zhu's brushes.

Thank you, they're awesome! :hug:
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Thank you for these, I just tried them out and they will be very useful! :D
GemmaSuen's avatar
Wow! Chalk, I have been after something like this, and I have tried making it myself but my knowledge of brush making is limited. Thank you for sharing, you're too kind!
ChampagneCorpse's avatar
Damn, this is the best PS brush set I have ever seen. I only use Painter, but now I can use both. Thank you very much!
YayoArellano's avatar
Thank you VERY much! :)
Rustycyborg's avatar
Cool brushes :) Thanks
caroled's avatar
Thanks... some real neat tools there!
happy-fun-time's avatar
Is there any wy to convert the file and use the brushes in GIMP? I love these brushes, but sadly I can't use them. :(
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