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just saw the movie yesterday,it's great~! "transformers"was my sweet memory before 20 years ago,and i am so crazy about it.

painted in Photoshop CS,used reference.
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This is a very nice drawing.
By the way, what do you use to draw these? I really want to get better at drawing
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I was pissed when he got killed by Sentinel. I miss old Ironhide.
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This saga dies when Ironhide die.
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Amazing masterpiece.
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This is an amazing picture! Well done!
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This is an awesome picture! Well done!
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This is AWESOME 100%
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Everybody loves ironhide
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ironhide is the best
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awesome, what program did you use?
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Looks pretty awesome ;) I love Ironhide
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Too bad sentinal prime killed him :(
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Ikr? such a shame :(

maybe they'll bring him back in Transformers 4 but I doubt they will
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Nah, they ditch loads of my favourite transformers in the fourth... or kill them.. but that's better then not knowing what happened to them.. poor Jolt. He was my fav ;^;

Plus they bring in all strange bots that look like old freaky men :stare: or look too human... they spoilt transformers for me D: but I think the fourth film will be ok. 

I don't think they'll bring him back... sentinal shot him with his "rust gun" you saw his head drop off and bounce away? Nah, he's gone for good :'(
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Darn...that's a shame :(

After Transformers 4 I would love to see it rebooted properly but this time get a new director and make the direction a bit like how Pacific Rim and the 2014 Godzilla is like
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This is how I could imagine the Transformers reboot to be like:

Directed by Gareth Edwards or Guillermo del Toro

Get better producers and writers (but just keep Michael Bay out of this...even though I really enjoyed his Bayformers trilogy) like Joss Whedon, Matthew Vaughn, Brad Bird, Marc Webb or Bryan Singer.

Adding in human characters is alright but keep it in the direction of how Pacific Rim and Godzilla is like first and give the robots more screen-time or just 50-50 (50% humans, 50% robots).

Make the supporting human characters more likeable and don't act quite so annoying (If you look at Transformers 4, they have a likeable cast of humans: Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Petz, Kelsey Grammer etc.) rather than Shia and Megan's whining and doucheiness (though I liked them)
If I was the casting director the cast for the humans for me will be this: ''Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Garett Hedlund, Ken Watanabe, Bryan Cranston, Chris Evans, Peter Dinklage, Yvonne Strahovski, Emily Blunt, Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Tom Cruise etc.'' they're much better than the actors in the Bayformers series

Keep the Bayformers robot designs or maybe refine them to the G1 series and keep the voice actors (Peter Cullen etc.)

Take some inspiration on superhero movies like The Avengers, X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier etc.

you get me?
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Kinda, xD
Yeah, them humans are not very likable... I hated them ALL 
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That is awesome, I spent $60 on the entire G1 box set the other day, bringing back some good memories
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oh my god is iron hide :D
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