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Don Quixote

class demo of this weekend, painted in Photoshop CS3. what doses Don Quixote read? maybe a lot:)

steps: [link]

if ask how to colorize, please try "color","overlay" and "color dodge" mode layer in photoshop with soft round brush.
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Don Quixote was the creator of live-RPG
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The Hello Kitty dolls are a terrible addition to an, otherwise, wonderful work of art. 
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that's just your opinion. i like them.
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I lost it when I saw the Hello Kitty plushes...
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My thoughts: Wow, his expression. Oh, he has Hello Kitty merchandise... OHMYGOSH, there's a huge face.
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Why hello kitty? O.o
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Wait, Hello Kitty....what? :confused:
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nunca abondone el sueno
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Who knew Don Quixote had the Hello Kitty dolls collection lol.
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I love all the little details from the massive head to the tiny knights jousting on rat-back. (I am also DIGGING the Hello Kitty by the window ;))
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same a cormorana what is the purpose of the hello kitty's i also see the woman with the stiletto heel and the demon ninja. obviously Alonso Quixano did not know that these things existed (or did he?) nor did the author Cervantes so please i must know why you included them. The others make sense and the three angels are what i assume is a reference to the Book of Revelations, if not please correct me. I like Quixano's face the most for such an old man you depicted his face as i imagined especially the mustache. good work and i agree with stintzi would should at least put Cervantes up there even though everyone already knows it.
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You really ought to give credit to Gustave Dore for the inspiration. Its kind of a dick move if you dont.
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My thought exactly. Gustave Dore did most of the drawing work for this "deviant" artist;P It's pretty much just a coloring book page after that. "Color inside the lines."
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Don Quixote: The Original otaku.
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Don Quixote: The Original otaku.
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Impressive, most impressive.
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Yay, I swear, I'm just like him, I read books like he does, and start going on insane adventures, just like he does.
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