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Digital Painting in Photoshop

i just made 2 video tuts as "swf" file(flash). don't worry about the download page showing Chinese, you just click the icon that i show you, download the video and enjoy.

VIDEO 1: [link]

VIDEO 2: [link]
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Would love to be able to watch them on fx youtube.. Can't get them through the links you've provided :/
your art looks amazing! >.<
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Thanks, but I couldn't download the videos from the site you provide above. The download button is missing or the page is dead ;-) Why don't you offer them through free torrents or upload them on YouTube, or any free page that offers HD videos and has a player. It would be much easier--not anyone can download from YouTube if you allow them, THX
the links dont work.... is there any one who can send me the videos???? i am a big fan of zhuzhu :D
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cannot download, "server not found". :'(
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Oh no ;_; the link is gone. I really wanted to see!
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I am so happy that I found a video tutorial by you, but I clicked the links and they both were invalid! Is there any possible way that you can upload these elsewhere/again?
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I'd really like to see this, but the link is dead. :/
link's dead.. can you reup? ty
skullmuffin's avatar
Oh, no! The links are down! Would you mind re-upping these? I really love your stuff and would like to see how you work :heart:
Links are dead ;)
would be nice if you could reshare it.
pretty please :)
Like the other people have said it seems that you link is no longer working. I as really hoping to download this. Hope you can renew the links.

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the download link is not working! :(
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ummm.....I can't ge to that screen when I click the link.
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aww the links don't work anymore ;;
dreamscapecreative's avatar
The links aren't working. :(
The download link is not working... :-(
1387's avatar
Please upload them again*w*. Ur color sense seem wow. Got to learn from u.
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aw man the links are dead.

do you think you could post them up someplace like Veoh, or Stage6?
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Can't download them anymore. Both links are broken.
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cool! now i can see how u work!@!
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thanks for share :D
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Hey ZhuZhu, I can't seem to get this right. I download these files but I can't play them, what should I do?
CGaART's avatar
I can't wait to see these videos but I don't know how to view them once I've downloaded them...any help?
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