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Well It *WAS* a Nice Compliment

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 3, 2016, 7:44 PM
But be warned, fellow artists.

The website sent me an email last week, complimenting my art and inviting me to join, based on the furry work on my personal website.  I told them I was flattered, and asked what they offer that's different or better than other print-on-demand services, say better materials?  Which is what they repeated back to me in answer, along with telling me the other services were their competitors. shit.

But still they did have a good list of affiliates, and some news sites/blogs had written articles on them (or printed PR statements more likely), so I decided to consider it.

And they bugged me about it two days later.  And then two days after that.  I told them the other sites didn't do this, along with pointing out that I was having health and software problems (their site requires files larger than PS 7.01 is capable of producing, and the file size expander apps/programs I've found won't do it without paying for the full program), and asked a couple questions about their requirement that I give them a photo of me and my signature, as well as a bio.  This email was apparently ignored.

Because I got another email yesterday, asking why I'd signed up but not uploaded anything.  So I asked if they had a timetable I was required to abide by that they hadn't bothered to tell me about, and that if they were expecting me to do what they want without telling me important things like that, we should part ways because they will be disappointed in me.  I also told them that I had been considering using their service for filesizing (they can download image files from an artists' website instead of having it uploaded the normal way, and fix it to where they can use it).

And did I mention that their most recent email had the subject line of 'Account on Hold'?  Yeah, just 10 days after the first nice email!

And then I checked the website again...and noticed the artists contract seems to have changed, to include wording about their rights to print items with my art being 'irrevocable'.  So I emailed them again and have asked for my account and contract to be cancelled.

And I'm really glad I held off uploading anything, including my photo and signature, and any info about my bank.

I'll let you know what they say.


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Butzengear Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
If it's of any consolation, I've never heard of this outfit.  :D

Hope you're well!
ZhoraTheWolverbabe Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016  Professional General Artist
They're new.  But I suspect that many other artists will be seeing the form letter invitations in the next year or so.

Grumpy today. :P
MiltonTeruel Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sounds like a scam, it's rare to have a legit business hound you the way they did.  And by "rare" I mean that I haven't encountered one that would do that. :p
ZhoraTheWolverbabe Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Professional General Artist
I'm such a sucker for giving people the chance to either right their ship or hang themselves from the mast.  So much dangling...

Its good that my gut kept me from giving them any significant information (and any images) beyond what they saw on my website.  They come off as kids right out of college who just had an already used idea, no experience, and don't know any actual artists. 
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July 3, 2016