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v1.0 - for windows. Version for X11 and other systems is available at [link]

update: if you'd like a little bit thinner (and not tilted) text selector, you may try this [link]

update: a little bit smaller version is available at [link]

update: version for CursorXP (made by firstfooter) can be found at [link]

update: version without tilt and with fixed dragging problem (made by briannm) can be found at [link]

update: on the cursors web site ( is a left-handed version available.
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Nice job my Friend

SimpleAce2011's avatar

Pretty Nice

Great Job.

Shan3ng's avatar

I've been using this cursor for about 4 years, without a doubt the best

Rockedsocks's avatar

The site has a 404 error mate.

Thanks Dude! was looking for a stylish cursor.

Amazing Cursors!

Thanks for sharing

I love it

cmac07's avatar
this cool cursior i like
elizabeth145's avatar
So cool! I love it
thanks ♥
How do i Download it?
IDontExistThankYou's avatar
Where is the link select? judgement 
SimpleAce2011's avatar

It's The One With the Play Button


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Superb work man. Do you think to create a inverted version? White with black contour?
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Ugh I have Windows 10..
KingGigabyte's avatar
This cursor set is so pleasant to use and look at. 
love it.You are goooood!
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This is really great to me! I usually work outside, and normal cursor theme (even the large one) so hard to be recognized.
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Nice cursor scheme! Love it! :D
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