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Julbocken in the Forest

This is a full costume of Julbocken.

He is a majestic white angora ram that roams within the thick forests.
Ready and armed for battle with his trusty eland-horn spear and armor of the colours of brown and oxblood.

Any trespassers that threaten the balance of the forest will dread the day they confronted Julbocken!

(and on the holidays, he wishes you a happy Yule!)

Digigrade legs by :iconartsquish:
Photography by :icongideonstyle:
Celtic headpiece by my friend Paul

Note: He is for sale to serious inquirers. Full suit (including all armour and spear) for $7k
For just the head, please send an inquiry via note.
He is an actual wearable taxidermy costume with over 200 hours in the making. Will suit an average person (I'm about 5'6" and 150lbs. Hooved legs meant to fit a womens sz 8 and CANNOT be altered as they are moulded with solid polyurethane to the shoe.)
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Do you still have the head up for sale??
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Do you still have the head up for sale??
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this is.... just amazing
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O....M....G yours are a amzingly realalistic!
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Thank you! :D
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This looks absolutely incredible.
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Thank you! :D
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perfect, man.. so awesome.. wow.
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I honest to god looked at that, and thought it was real. Amazing!
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Amazing craftsmanship, even more so knowing its made with real fur/skin/horns. I wish you best of luck on selling this stunning suit. :heart:

Just wanted to mention that on the eBay page it states that the staff/spear is not included... Has this changed as you state here that it is included?

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Best wishes.

eBay: [link]
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Oh! I had not realized I stated it here. This was when i was selling it for $7k. Ebay listing is for $4,500. If i do include the spear, it would be in an additional box or need to be cut in half.....
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Ah ok. I would hope that you wouldn't cut the spear in half... its so beautiful and prolly would be a pain to get it back together and still have it look natural..

I really wish you luck on selling this, I see you've dropped you price again.. Hope you don't go too low as this suit is worth quite a bit in my eyes.

I really like how the bottoms are one solid pant, and that you have a heel-less high heel stance, your dimensions are almost exact to my own, although my feet aren't that dainty xP If I wasn't currently getting a suit made I would very much consider this beauty to help you out.

How would you clean something like this having it being made of real materials?
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Oh! Sorry for the late reply!
As far as cleaning, it's definitely a dry-clean only costume.
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Lol, well thats definitely good to know. Bet you would get the strangest of looks from the staff when you walk in with almost a whole ram xP

Thanks for getting back to me ^^ Have a great day.
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oh how i do despise being a broke college kid -_-
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Lol! I know how that feels....
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This is the best creature suit ive seen yet! OMFG! WOW!
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Thankies! :D

btw! When are you gonna get that raptor mask cast?!
RaptorArts's avatar
when I Have time. Its been non stop busy with homework and all that stuff. Life has put me in a small box of non stop school work. Ill get it done eventually though :)
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