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We've been slowly (very slowly hahahahhaha) updating our website with all of our costumes and projects. We're getting there!: www.zhobot.net
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would you kindly?

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We've been meaning to put an update here for awhile on what's been going on but we've been so behind! How is it March (almost April) already?!

MAGFest, Katsucon and Ring of Fire Con have gone by and we had a blast at each of them! We debuted a number of costumes (Animal Crossing, Deckers, Persona 2 -- all kinds of stuff you'll see here soon) and met a bunch of new fabulous people. :D In the near future we'll be at Eastern Shore Fan Con (Princess Anne, MD) on April 5th and AwecomeCon (Washington, D.C.) the weekend of April 18th!

Will we be seeing anyone at either of those cons?

We've also been playing around with some new crafty things and have a video game photography project on the horizon. We're also still trying to finish putting all of our costumes up on our website which is taking WAY TOO LONG. Soon everything will be moving smoothly... hopefully! XD

Here are some of the shots we have up from MAGFest and Katsucon so far!

Persona 2 - Eriko Kirishima and Kei Nanjo by zhobot Decker Specialist - Saints Row: The Third costume by zhobot Kinzie and Asha - Saints Row IV - Super Homies by zhobot

Robert and Rosalind Lutece - BioShock Infinite by zhobot The Deckers - Saints Row: The Third by SewAndBro

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Some updates!

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would you kindly?

Skin design by NishithV
Skin modified and coded by CypherVisor

We're going to be at T-MODE (www.tmode.org) in a couple weeks and we'll have a table. Be sure to say hi if you see us there!

PAX East was a blast - we finished the DC3 Glitterati costumes in time (WOO!) and had fun hanging out at the DC3 booth with other DC fans! You can check out our con report here over at Zhobot.net: zhobot.net/blog/con-report-pax…

As far as the Glitterati goes, we may have finished the three official outfits they have, as seen here:

The Glitterati - Kerith and Jaryn - Dance Central by zhobot The Glitterati - Jaryn / Kerith costumes - [ DC2 ] by zhobot The Glitterati - Jaryn / Kerith - Dance Central 3 by zhobot

... but definitely stay tuned, because we're not done with the Glitterati (WE NEVER WILL BE, WE CAN'T HELP IT <3). We've been talking about redoing parts of our Street Style outfits and we might have a couple more things up our sleeves concerning those two snarky twins. So even though Dance Central isn't doing any more DLC and we haven't heard anything on another DC game, there will be more DC stuff in our gallery. Besides more Glitterati stuff, Nate is working on his DC3 Oblio outfit so expect that in the near future too!

Besides Oblio, we've been putting together costumes of Robert & Rosalind Lutece from BioShock Infinite! We absolutely loved the game and those two were our favorite characters. (How can we resist more snarky-what-seem-like-twins? ;D) We've also been plotting a photo project with some of our costumes - including Dance Central, Star Wars and many others - concerning duos that you can see some notes on here: www.facebook.com/notes/zhobot/…

Be on the look out for more costume photos and photos we've taken of others up here from Katsucon, PAX East and so on while we catch up on our backlog! Also, look for our craft folder to start filling up soon. :)

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We've been busy working on costumes for PAX East (we had to push DC3 Glitterati back from Katsucon so now they'll be debuting at PAX East!) and also on a couple projects for a Dance Central fansite/collective we help run called Flawless Freestyle! www.flawless-freestyle.net - the two projects are:

1.) STREET STYLE (www.whatthefun.net/streetstyle) - a Dance Central cosplay site featuring costumes and tutorials/tips on how to make you're own! If you've made a DC costume (or costumes!) we'd be honored if you'd check it out and submit your own profile/photos! There's also a dA group to go with it: :icondancecentralcosplay:

2.) ASK IRL DANCE CENTRAL (askirldancecentral.tumblr.com) - a tumblr with a soon to be growing roster of DC characters you can ask questions too. It has "IRL" in the title because all the questions will be answered with .gifs and occasionally a photo or two! Head on over and ask a question if you have one. ;D

Now that those are online we're putting all of our focus into getting zhobot.net (www.zhobot.net) filled up with Centuria Challenge posts and all of our costumes (60+!!) and photographs and so on. And of course, finishing up PAX East costumes! We'll be posting up what we're bringing with us soon once we're sure of it all. Hopefully we'll get some progress photos up here soon as well! :la:

Thank you so much for sticking around (and welcome to the new watchers! :huggle:)!
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Katsucon 2013!

1 min read
We have our Katsucon 2013 schedule up on our website and you can check it out (with reference photos!) here!: zhobot.net/?p=962 Or you can check out the list without pictures below!

FRIDAY MORNING/AFTERNOON: Sokka & Suki (from S3/The Southern Raiders) – Avatar: The Last Airbender

FRIDAY EVENING: Darth Caedus & Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo (art nouveau versions by :icondiha-artwork:) – Star Wars: Expanded Universe

SATURDAY MORNING/AFTERNOON: Dio & Quark – Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

SATURDAY EVENING: Kerith & Jaryn (The Glitterati – Haute Blooded DC3 outfits) – Dance Central 3

There will be photos up here afterwards of our new costumes as well as continued uploads of all the stuff we've made in the past! Hope to see you at Katsucon if you're going! :la:
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