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The Glitterati - Jaryn / Kerith - Dance Central 3

By zhobot
Characters/Fandom: Kerith & Jaryn - The Glitterati (Haute Blooded) - Dance Central 3
Worn: PAX East 2013
Photo by: :iconsoulfirephotography:

We're so excited to finally have these costumes done! We had been working on them since the end of October 2012 (getting fabric samples, making mockups, GLUING ALL THE JEWEL BITS AAGGGHHH) - we wanted to have them done by Katsucon in February but we pushed them back to PAX East the next month and we're very grateful we did. The extra month gave us time to fine tune some details and finish up some hand painting on the vests. We're currently putting together a blog post on how we made these and will edit this description with the link when it's finished! :la:

Many thanks to Sonja for putting up with us again and taking these photos! ;D Also thanks to Harmonix for the warm welcome all of us DC cosplayers received at the DC3 booth! <3

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So cool! But how did you make the arm and leg swirly band things? How did you get it to stay up on you leg in particular?
zhobot's avatar
Thank you very much! :D

The arm and leg bands are made out of Worbla that was formed and painted (and then covered in plastic gems XD). The one on my leg was held up with velcro! I was wearing a pair of tights that I had sewn a piece of velcro to - the other piece of velcro went on the back of the leg band. I wasn't sure it would work but I had my fingers crossed and luckily it did!
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BlueberryxPeaches's avatar
I love all your work, but this is my favorite!
zhobot's avatar
^_^ Thank you so much! It was a lot of work but we had a ton of fun making it - we just can't stop when it comes to the Glitterati, haha!
Claudetite's avatar
this is just too good
im 100% jelly of your complete perfection
great job 8D <3 <3 <3
zhobot's avatar
;_______; BWAAAHHHHHHH THANK YOU <3 ;________; We apparently have to express ourselves with fabric (albeit kind of sloppily sometimes hahah - you should see the inside seams and stuff of these costumes, esp. the Kerith pants AHAHAHAHHA) because WE CAN'T ART ANY OTHER WAY. It's all stick figures. XDD

Thank yoooooooou again! :3 :huggle:
yaoiprincess21's avatar
WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! AMAZING!!!! this is my most favorite attire for the Glitterati
I'm trying to make jaryn's outfit too :love:
zhobot's avatar
Thank you! And yes! It's such an amazing design - I love playing with the two of them in these outfits! :la:

Ahhh, good luck! I can't wait to see it! :D!
yaoiprincess21's avatar
I have made a coat like jaryn's using an old vest adding a tail with layers of chiffon and a bit of boning for it to be a bit stiff. that's what I wear when I dance with jaryn :)
shortstackio's avatar
OMG you guys are so AMAZING!!!!:heart::heart::heart:

The costumes and everything are brilliant!
zhobot's avatar
Thank you so much! <3! :huggle: We tried so hard with these crazy things - we're happy they turned out the way they did and we're extremely happy they are being enjoyed!
Froceit's avatar
These are so perfect <33333
and you guys are so good posers <33
zhobot's avatar
Ahhh, thank you so much hun! ;-; <3333

AND THE POSING IS ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHER AHAHAH we had no idea what we were doing in these (lol like we ever XD) so she assisted us in attempting to look extra sassy (although I don't know if Nate can get any more sassy). XD
Froceit's avatar
You're welcome~~~! ♥

It must be awesome to work with such a great photographers : D I think you both are always extremely sassy : DDDD
Lizzy-Liz012's avatar
zhobot's avatar
B'awwww! ;-; Thank you kindly! <3
DancingOtakuNeko's avatar
zhobot's avatar

Thank you! <3
DancingOtakuNeko's avatar
Your welcooooommee!!!! :iconpervykerithplz:
LunaBell's avatar
damn! this is amazing
zhobot's avatar
Thank you very much! It took us longer than we hoped but we're actually happy with the way it came out so we're fine with the time, haha! ^_^
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