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Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo - Sith AU

By zhobot

“Some called her Lady Caedus for a time until there were whispers of a new designation, which came only after rumors of traitors in the Hapan Council. Those against her went after the most important things: first, her daughter, then the control of her court and finally the safety of her people. She had been a force to reckon with as Tenel Ka Chume Ta’ Djo, but now with supposed new powers and Darth Caedus – often rumored to be Allana Djo’s father – on her side, her grandmother’s supporters finally began to do what they should have done from the start. Fear the Queen Mother.”

Another AU for the Alternate Universe section of the project, this one is called “The Galaxy Can Burn” and gathers some highlights from some odd timeline where Tenel Ka joins Caedus after something happens to Allana. We know that TK would never go dark/give scrublord Caedus the time of day at this point but it’s always fun coming up with this crazy stuff so why not have a Sith AU? ;)

P.S. Kinda wish we got a photo of Nate’s face after taking the picture in the middle. His mouth and nose were covered with stage blood. I MEAN… HIS FACE WAS COVERED IN THE BLOOD OF HIS ENEMIES…?

We started a multimedia project called Sleeping With Ghosts surrounding Jacen & Tenel Ka (from the Star Wars: Expanded Universe -- or Legends) and figured we'd give it a folder here! 

Costumes, photos & editing by: :iconzhobot:

To stay updated with the project in other places, you can check SwG out on instagram, tumblr or the project website!
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Weird how there seem to be so few female Sith