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Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo - Modern AU

By zhobot

    “You know you absolutely cannot post this photo anywhere, correct?” 
    “Ugh, I know. Political matters, families, blah blah blah. Just let me pretend we’re allowed to be normal for once. And it’s not just any photo, it’s called a selfie.”
    “That sounds ridiculous. Who came up with that?”

A section on the SwG project website is Alternate Universes – one of which will be a modern day spin on Jacen & Tenel Ka called “Yesterday In A Galaxy Next Door” and it’ll include Jacen the photography nerd plus his pets as well as his super secret girlfriend TK – both of whom would rather not be in the public eye but usually are thanks to the politicians in their families. So if you see any photos here (or on the instagram/pinterest/site) with that title in them, they’re part of the modern day AU, which will be looked into more in-depth on the site in the near future! 

Here's a taste of the AU, with a selfie (that TK thinks is a ridiculous term), a text exchange and a holiday project where Jacen was disappointed in himself for making a snowflake that looked like a droopy ninja star. ;)

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