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Casual Dance Central - Jaryn and Oblio

Glitch’s parents were out of town and he was so excited to invite everyone over to his house for a party. He served fruit punch and ordered pizza. It was what everyone expected. Things grew more amusing though, when Glitch broke out Twister.

Jaryn and Kerith went just to watch the other crews - maybe mingle a bit. They had nothing better to do that night. The club they usually frequented had been closed due to a bat infestation.

Glitch didn’t want to let them in at first, but when they glowered at him, he moved aside.

Jaryn had grown tired of socializing and left Kerith with Aubrey on the couch, where the two of them were filling each other in on the latest drama. She wandered around Glitch’s house until coming to the master bedroom, where Oblio sat alone. He was pondering something ridiculous, most likely.

She snickered and began to sit down beside him, pointing at his chest.

“What the hell is that on your shirt? A space cat?”

He pulled his sunglasses down, hesitated and then started to ramble. “This cat represents all of us, alone in the universe, like little kittens, craving attention from those around us. We all need to be loved, we all need our place—”


“…all my other clothes were dirty.”

“Ah, yes. That’s more like it.”

He went into some other ramble about the universe and finding your place in it and that was when Jaryn tuned him out and spaced out. Much like the cat on Oblio’s shirt.


These were also posted to our tumblr ([link]) awhile back and like the Aubrey & Kerith ones, I figure copying and pasting some of the ramble from tumblr would work the best!

"The second of the casual-Dance-Central-characters-doing-whatever series. The first was the Kerith and Aubrey Sleepover of Doom. ([link])

Now we just need photos of Frenchy and Marcos of Icon Crew playing hopscotch or something. Maybe Oblio and Frenchy eating ice cream (where does Frenchy’s ice cream go?) or Aubrey and Marcos shopping at the mall.

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where did she get that space cat shirt at i want one
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The space cat shirt was actually on the clearance rack at Hot Topic!
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oblio for president xDD
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This is the best ever XDDD Your expressions are just amazing and THAT SPACE CAT SHIRT XDDD
zhobot's avatar
Ahhh, thank you! OH MAN, we couldn't resist that shirt when we saw it. IT WAS ON CLEARANCE AND IT SCREAMED TO US THAT WE NEEDED IT, hahaha! It also goes with Oblio's hair so well! ;D
Froceit's avatar
You're welcome! : D
Hhahahahahah that's awesome : DDD And yeah it fits with his hair : DDD
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