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BioShock Infinite

Genii Locorum // Infused With Greatness - BioShock Infinite

We had this plate, coin, heads/tails sandwich board and infusion bottle for our old Robert & Rosalind Lutece cosplays and figured they would be perfect for a Genii Locorum photo! The hand towel was also something we used when we wore these costumes again to a con and didn’t have the sandwich board with us (since there’s the part where you meet the twins in a restaurant and Robert is cleaning the bar with a hand towel and Rosalind is standing there holding a shield infusion bottle out for you on the plate the coin had been on when you met them outside earlier)~ 

Basically, the Luteces are our favorite part of BioShock: Infinite so of course our first B:I photo had to revolve around them! :)

We’re going to have a few prints of certain photos from GL at any tables we have at future cons, but if you’d like a print and won’t be a con near us in the future you can hit the Genii Locorum section on our Redbubble shop!

For more info on Genii Locorum and to see where it started, check out the website!

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