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I was listening to the Amelie Poulain soundtrack earlier and it kind of got me into a very French feeling, especially because I've also watched taxi 2 today :) so I was just thinking about making a small collection of photos that remind me of France [ been there in 2003 ]. just want you to know that I don't mean strictly street photos, I also mean that small cafe look, the 2 lovers holding hands or simply kissing the hell out of each other, the croissants, the bistros, that specific music and all.. that French feeling.

Grenoble France by acidropstudio Left to my own devices by gilad Wimereux, France by JamesBardolph

:thumb30244441: Fire Long I by freespot France. by xlostfaith Paris Merry-Go-Round by xMEGALOPOLISx

:thumb44082612: france 033 by stilvie War France by LaboFot Bordeaux life by LaboFot

Lonely by kartxila Garonne by kartxila Sunrise of Provence by kartxila Un ptit cafe? by h-y

France 04 - 7 by surplomb France 04 - 1 by surplomb Sunrise on Pont Neuf by kartxila

:thumb41074007: Illusion by h-y Defense by night by h-y

Bistro 2 by chris333593 Petit Bistro by yannshu Bistro by Krinks La douce France by El-Bambino

Bistrot by Zan61 Postcard from Paris by Zan61 :thumb47708450: Cursed Missed Opportunities by ninuska

Streets of Paris X by OnkelGonzo Paris by photodan88 Louvre Stairs by photodan88

Notre Dame by fraughtuk :thumb13795767: Pillars inside Mont St. Michel by Rob1962

Francais, Francoise... by tortuegraphics les francais by onecrazymofo Coast of Normandie by Sang-Rose-Revoir

et maintenant quelques photos avec la cite que j'ai visitee quand je suis allee en France, c'est Rouen.

Cathedrale de Rouen by monotrone Taxi Rouen by Pebble-and-a-half :thumb27271134: Normandy's church I by gromain

L autre rive by bahmoi Rue des Carmelites by facheux Old man and young lovers by facheux Dragon - 4 by Pebble-and-a-half

Rouen by TiZa Rouen RD aussi by Pebble-and-a-half Gare de triage by madvax

I'd also like to recommend to all of you a song by Carla Bruni [ it's in French and it kind of completes the wntire atmosphere ] - L'amour ->…

I hope you like it.
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lennyconilProfessional Photographer
And you do know that Carla Bruni is now France's first lady ?
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merci pour le feat ^^
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monotrone Photographer
Merci d'avoir ajouté ma photo, article interessant sur cette belle ville de Rouen ;)
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Thanks for featuring me !
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madvax Photographer
Thanks for featuring me!
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You didn't forget the strikes! Good, you truly know something about France :laughing:

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Thanks for featuring my photo! Great article and a great selection of Fench images!
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:) you are most welcome
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xMEGALOPOLISxProfessional Photographer
Thank you :hug:
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Rob1962Hobbyist Photographer
Nice collection of 'French'-pictures.
And again thanks for the feature
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photodan88 Photographer
hey. thanks a lot for the feature! :D
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u're welcome :)
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merci beaucoup :)
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merci tres cool !
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merci beaucoup
thank you very much :D great
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acidropstudio Photographer
french feeling!:nod:
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acidropstudio Photographer
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pickupjojoProfessional Interface Designer
Vive la France ! :D
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