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From the Inside | 338 sec

By zhenyab
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What do you do if you've got an enormous building and no plans for the weekend? You get some light painters and let them go on the rampage...with light.

We really had a lot of fun while developing this photograph although the building was a difficulty itself. The hall was around 120m long, 48m wide and 12m high... We couldn't get up there, but the rays could. Hehehe.

As always this light painting was created only with light within one single exposure. The photograph was not digitally manipulated afterwards.
Image size
1500x844px 1.24 MB
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Shutter Speed
338/1 second
Focal Length
17 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Mar 8, 2014, 9:54:37 PM
Sensor Size
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very pretty, nice colors
zhenyab's avatar
Thanks a lot! :) Glad you like it!
InCenter's avatar
Very Cool - Looks like a dimensional gate...!!
zhenyab's avatar
Thank you! But... Maybe it is one...? :D
InCenter's avatar
Well, in that case, I wanna jump in...!!
zhenyab's avatar
I wonder what you'll find there...
InCenter's avatar
You would be surprise... I'm going to write something about that (soon)...
zhenyab's avatar
Well then, I'm curious about that... ^^
InCenter's avatar
I just uploaded something about that on my site entitled... Dimensional Seeker* - (it is a personal experience) - But you may find it interesting...!!
UnderTheBondi's avatar
Reaaaaally like this one.
Still working on that answer...
I'm sleeping too much and therefore saving drafts...
zhenyab's avatar
Haha, finally we found something he really likes. :D Anyways, thanks for the fave!

There's no rush, just take your time. 
UnderTheBondi's avatar
Time was taken and already sent that one answer...

About finding something something I really like... Well, I get
that kind of comments a lot... But that's usually from people
who lives nearby... I guess my hysteria is getting worldwide...
Enjoy! Lol.

And you're welcome.
zhenyab's avatar
No, it's probably just the worldwide hysteria that finally collided with yours. Enjoy even more! Haha

And I got it, the new essay needs some time as always.
UnderTheBondi's avatar
Worldwide hysteria? Against mine?
No way. The collision would be insignificant.
To me. It could destroy the world, though. Haha.

Yeah, take your time you too.
zhenyab's avatar
The latter one is what I meant. To the world neither your nor my hysteria is significant. Not even worth a little thought.

Thank you, I will.
UnderTheBondi's avatar
That depends on how one sees the world.
One peson's hysteria can completely change it.
It's not as big, it's not as powerful...
Take Napoleon, just for one example.
I'm not saying they are guys I'd follow, but that was just one man's
desire changing violently what then was the world. It could happen again,
although nowadays no man would let himself be seen as he is, if he's like
Napoleon. Now we have corporations to do things more smoothly...
Blood is still spilled, we just don't notice it that much. And all because somebody wants
it that way... That's one man's hysteria. Or five. What tells you yours or mine cannot
reach the same power or have the same potential?

I think your humor sense is getting a little dim, though...
Every joke I tell, you answer seriously...
It takes me a lot of energy to think seriously and take the world seriously...
And I prefer to spend it in something else... Like... Staring at the ceiling.
There's rarely a reason to think seriously.
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 Flugzeughangar? 20-30 Jahre?
zhenyab's avatar
Holz? Ja.
Flugzeughangar? Nein. ;)
Das Bild entstand in einem alten Lagerschuppen im Hamburger Hafen, der nun als Veranstaltungshalle verwendet wird.

Aber das Bild Birth of the Universe ist tatsächlich in einem ehemaligen Flugzeughangar der Sowjets entstanden. :)
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 gutes werk
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Ich danke dir! :)
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