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No, this isn't a joke. 

I fucked up. Big time. I went against him over something that happened 20 years ago, and something I believed happened to my underage friend. In a fit of rage and being overprotective, I went after someone without asking for another side. There was proof of things, but I should have been more calm. I should have listened more. 

I was told things about him that I didn't witness myself. And I believed those things because my friends told me it. And I trusted them before Glenn. I am at fault and take full responsibility for my actions and accept any consequences. From this day on, I will support Glenn and stand by his side through this. He knows the few mistakes he's made, but we've all made mistakes. I'm sure everyone involved with this can look back and feel ashamed of at least one thing they've said. I, for one, am ashamed of everything I said.

I went against my own beliefs in this, and that is the most shameful. Glenn, I want to be your friend. For now, I will be your ally until you can give me your trust. I can't apologize enough to you, and you continue to answer kindly. I will learn from this, and I will do just as you like. I will give love to those in need, those who are alone, and those who are hurting. I will not longer be a soldier of drama, but rather an angel of love. 

I will not be online as much anymore, even skype, so I can focus on learning to show love and only love. I want to stop fighting, stop with negativity. So much has happened in this last year and it's time to spread love. Every single person I meet who is hurting, I will give my love to, lend my should to cry on, and cheer them on. My advice often ends badly, and so I will focus on just support rather than advice. Glenn is teaching me this. He's still learning as well, but he's far beyond me. I've learned many things in the few hours I've spoken with him. And I will hold every word in my heart. I hope for others to do the same. No more fighting... Let's all just love one another and help each other through. We all struggle, we're all hurt. Why make it worse with fighting? 

I'm sure many of you will hate me for this... Too much false information was spread. It just got out of control. To everyone I argued with, I'm so sorry I didn't stop and think. I hope you could forgive me in your hearts... There's nothing for me to forgive you for as you've done nothing wrong.

If you no longer want to be my friend, so be it. If you can't see the faults in this now, then maybe you will some day.

Stay strong everyone, even Glenn. 
I really doubt I'll be on dA like I said I would. I'll probably pop on every now and then to post something...but other than that, I really doubt I'll be here. There's too much bullshit and ever time I get online, I get worried to look at my messages. Is it another attack from something that's now irrelevant? Is it someone dragging me into drama? I don't know.

I'll be straight up and say that my life is one big shit hole right now. Even my lovely friends know I've been having issues just getting on skype. And I feel extremely terrible about it... Alotta-Stars candiitea YanderePimp TaiyoUsagi 
I'm sorry to you four specifically for never being on to talk...Especially you, Cycy. It feels like every time we finally get to talk, something pulls me away and I hope you know it's not on purpose! I love you four so much~ And there's so many others I wish I knew how to apologize to for not always being there when I should be. I've hardly spoken to, if not at all, Eve54 MeaMeii TaliTheStrange parkerdude99 and I'm so so sorry for this...I love you all so much! 

I believe I'm making the decision now that I don't want anything to do with drama. Feel free to not me and rant till your heart's content! I will give you as much of my love as I can~! But I don't want to get publicly involved. And that doesn't mean make a skype group for me to help solve it either. XD

Seriously, I finally got on to look at my messages and found some douchebag blaming me for some kid getting death threats. Which happened in December of 20-fucking-15. It was that kid who was stealing art from dA artists and putting diapers onto it. Artists were getting upset since this is theft, and is against the site rules. When I tried talking to him in notes, he got pissy and blocked me. So yeah. I'm tired of idiotic children like this, and this site really isn't going to change.…

So once again, it's time to move on. And for good. If you want to see more of my art, you can find me on instagram. I'm on there a lot more since it's so much easier to post pictures. I also post poetry on

HelloPoetry user: MelancholicPanda

Instagram user: rollie.pollie.panda

I'm going to pretty much empty out my page. See you guys around~ And if you don't have another way to contact me and would like to, send me a note. Though I believe I have everyone. C:

Update: Last "Rant"

And there's also stupid shit like this.

Screenshot 20160712-164650 by ZhengjiuYishu

To whoever wrote this,  in case they're stalking around, you've got to be one o the biggest idiots I ever encountered. You don't even have basic common sense. First of all, it's pretty damn pointless to tell a suicidal person you're going to kill them. Cause all I have to say to that is go right head. Second, that's pretty damn cheap for a hit man. Also, how did Glenn pay for this? He lives in a disgustig trailer home living off welfare. Third, you don't tell a target that you're going to kill them. That just puts them on high alert or they call the police, and risks your chances of getting the job done. You especially don't announce that you're a hit man publicly online. I truly have a family member that's a hit man and is now in hiding in another state. So I know the basics. Which doesn't really matter since all you need is some common fucking sense.

I'm sorry to tell you this kid, but you just fell flat on your face in a pitiful attempt to sound threatening and scary. My 4 year old nephew yelling "boo" in my face is scarier than your comment.