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Twilight Final Fourm color Cloths

By Zheddel
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Less lewd version.
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this looks so AWESOME
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Dang that is some fine work there.
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dam son how do you make tha bro
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Holy shit, those wings :ohnoes:

Astounding work!
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They are big wings.
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Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon this isn't even my... 
twilight sparkle (smile) plz oh wait yes it is
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Hahah! That's awesome.
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This is awesomely badass!
And your picture has gained a whole new prophetic value now that Friendship Games is out, eh?
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Unlimited cosmic power. I like the effects you gave to her magic and the highlights around her wings.
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That line always reminds me of Aldin lol. And thank you!
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topkek! making accounts and poasting art.
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Poasting art? what is that? I'm just trying to get these accounts caught up with my main one before I start adding new stuff.
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posting. Or toasting art. XD

just meant you're uploading old stuff is all.
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Ohh! Yeah going to do that a few more times before I post new stuff. Everyone just keeps bugging me if I have and DA account and I hate saying now I only post on FA. So... I made an account here. lol This will be an account for more of my sfw stuff.
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ok kool! Good to separate out the stuff, but i'm hoping you'll show favoritism to your original NSFW FA account? :D
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Yeah GA is still my main one. This is just a place that I can tell people to go so I don't have to link them the my adult stuff. Lol
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...There's a lewd version?

Nevermind, found it.
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