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Zharth's Best Dress Tournament (Introduction)

Best Dress Tournament

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Top of the Fridge


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Nude Recreation Week

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Home Again

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Sexual Deviant


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Don't Play It Safe

There are as many definitions for art as there are people in this world, but I believe that art is not about playing it safe. Art should be controversial - it should seek to expand people's minds. We live in a society that seems to value a conservative mindset - "don't rock the boat". But this is not a virtue. Evolution is a form of change, and it can only come out of testing the waters and pushing the boundaries - of what's expected, what's decent, and even what's possible. That's what makes life so unpredictable, and exciting. So if you're an artist, don't play it safe. Don't let the fear of criticism stop you from creating something truly


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General Relativity Blues

despite the energy I expend the work remains constant this time-independent symmetry wears down my potential the associated killing vector leaves me feeling null and light my eyes begin to redshift the variables all look equivalent its becoming harder to differentiate the letters from the numbers I was in the right frame of mind but now I've lost my inertia as I gaze into infinity my grade approaches zero the night passes in a time-like fashion while my thoughts are space-like scattered I've worked these problems now for what feels like a proper time interval relatively frustrated massively tired generally hopeless especially uninspired

Poetry and Stories

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[Fashion Dolls] Leia

Fashion Dolls

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