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I wake up every morning
with a quick nod to my dreams
I get up at the crack of dawn
and throw on my jeans

no desire for breakfast
I rush out the door
passing under grey skies
I refuse to ignore

thrown into the machine
in my place as a cog
by my work I am beaten
and whipped like a dog

'this fate is not mine'
I gasp in despair
'I wish I could fly
with the wind in my hair'

but these chains hold me down
amidst bots I'm alone
why must I be forced
to carry the stone?

they take all my sleep
they take all my dreams
they take all my energy
to fuel the machine
Not all of my poems were written about "the girl" - although my state of mind in those days influenced my entire mood. I was disillusioned. And exhausted. Feeling overworked, and underappreciated. This poem is an expression of those feelings.

As something of an Easter egg for classic rock fans, the imagery of "the machine" was definitely inspired by Pink Floyd's Welcome To The Machine (undoubtedly with a touch of The Matrix thrown in). Also, the reference to "carrying the stone" is inspired by a motif that turns up in more than one Pink Floyd song. (My brother and I at one time toyed with the idea of naming our band "The Stone" as an obscure homage to one of our favorite bands).
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:D and how!
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March 10