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walkin' the dog, down the street
what'll I say, if'n we meet?
shiftin' my eyes, and'a shufflin' my feet
tappin' my toes to the sound of the beat

I saw you today, down by the shore
I really dig that dress that you wore
I heard you say that life is a bore
if I gave you my love, would you ask for some more?

I'd like to take you out on the town
we could go to a show, or just wander around
and when the sun is sinking, and the day's winding down
we could dine at the finest place to be found

I just want to spend some time with you
and get to know the things you like to do
I'm hoping that you will like me too
so we can be closer, and our feelings be true
This is a half-finished poem that I intended to turn into a song. I was enamored with the first verse, which has a real lyrical, rhythmic quality to it. But I wasn't sure I could come up with anything else to do it justice.
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Submitted on
April 12