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what have they been preachin'
in the Church of Reason?
it's not that they've been lies
I've begun to recognize

a young child's dream
once fueled my self-esteem
but what I thought I knew
wasn't all that true

the auguries of innocence
and vagaries are driven hence
to lay a hard foundation
to propagate the nation

the ones who strive to meet success
society claims by far the best
but those that struggle, those that fail
they're the ones who'll guide the sail

it's a rather selfish notion
like rain upon the ocean
that leaves the desert dry
and strays to wonder why

follow your heart, not your mind
be a freer, feeling kind
worry not of those that judge
their values are muck and sludge

they tried to tell me what to do
they told me what to value, too
said I'd make it big some day
but led me down the wrong way

now it's up to me to choose
which way's win and which way's lose
the path I tread is paved in stone
and I must tread it all alone

but there's one thing I am sure
ain't gonna waste away no more
ain't gonna sit around and rot
gonna show the world just what I've got
In spite of the title, this is actually less a song about religion, and more a ballad for the ruin of modern society's education system, akin to Another Brick in the Wall - but instead of calling out cruel teachers, this one's against the corruption inherent in the system itself. It was inspired by Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance.
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Submitted on
April 9