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I'm sittin' beside my window
just starin' out at the world (repeat)
I ain't goin' outside no more,
not without my little girl

I tried to love you baby
but you know it hurt me too (repeat)
And now I've stopped trying, girl
so I don't have to feel blue

You can live your life, woman
tho' I don't wanna live mine (repeat)
I'm gonna sit here and watch, girl
'cause I'm just biding my time

You won't see me cryin',
no, you won't hear me shout or scream (repeat)
I carry my pain on the inside,
so it'll only haunt my dreams

But then sometimes I'm feelin',
that somethin' is comin' to me (repeat)
Every now and then I need to, uh...
I need to set my soul free

(guitar solo outro)
This is my attempt at writing a slow blues - the kind with a searing, soulful lead guitar. It was inspired by a window commercial using the slogan, "between you and the world is a window." I heard that, and I thought about the way that my anxiety has kept me locked away from the world, at a safe distance, and also how much I enjoy standing in front of a window just staring out at the world (that's how I first became enamored with "the girl", after all - watching her walk the path through the courtyard below my dorm).
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April 14


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