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We live in a culture that is, confusingly, both obsessed with sex and terrified of it. It's normal to be interested in sex - in fact, it's a biological imperative. I do think, however, that we would have healthier attitudes towards sex without all the censure and taboo, which just tends to make us neurotic, and express our sexual frustrations in unhealthy ways.

As a sexually liberated, sex-positive individual who also dabbles in the erotic arts, I see the public shaming of human sexuality just about everywhere. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about sex, but one thing that really irritates me is when women slut-shame other women, and call it feminism. I know there are different strains of feminism, but shaming an empowered woman for expressing her sexuality has nothing to do with women's rights.

A corollary of this is criticizing men for publicly responding to (and thereby encouraging the focus on) women's sex appeal. But this leads to misandry and sex-negativity, which, when associated with feminism, seriously undermines the movement. It may be true that women in this culture are frequently pressured to be sexy, and judged on their sex appeal to an inordinate extent. But if there is any solution to this state of affairs, it cannot involve the shaming of women who choose to revel in their sexuality.
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The problem is that the leftist marxist want to control everything and if they can't control it they will destroy it. They are the 'no fun police' now and they want to take away anything that is sexy and beautiful and make it all the same by draging it down. Strangely enough there's a perfect analogy for this, In the TV show the fairly odd parents, there was an episode where kosmo grants a wish making everyone the same and no one different. That's kind of what I see what is happening only they're bringing everyone down to that same absolute unidentifiable plainness that destroys beauty and sexy.

Your essay is excellent, and this photograph is a superb expression of your inherent beauty.

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Couldn't agree more! :heart:
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I'm glad you think so! :D
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I don't think I've ever heard a more thoughtfully worded opinion on this issue.
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I'm really happy to hear that. Thanks. :-)
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