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I disagree with the opinion that perversion ought to be considered a particularly heinous sort of crime. I find violence to be far more obscene. In fact, the very worst sex offenses are those that involve violence, and not simply moral transgression. So why don't we just make a special class for violent offenders, instead of lumping a bunch of chronic masturbators, drunken urinators, teenage romeos, and other assorted libertines in with the lowliest scum on the planet?

Sex offenders? Please. You can find someone to get offended by any sex act that's ever been committed under the sun or the moon. We're all sex offenders of some stripe. Now what we need are a few good sex DEfenders.
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As someone living in California, and afflicted by extreme modern progressive and social justice society, I have lived my life afraid of even flirting with girls I like due to just KNOWING that it would be sexual harassment and oppressive and such.  I grew up constantly being told of how horrible and misogynist men are and seen men destroyed for so much as asking women out for coffee and been harassed for "objectifying" women by have the AUDACITY of thinking they are pretty.  So...I wish your views were more prevalent.  >.>  I might be more emotional healthy if I lived in such a society.
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Thanks for sharing your perspective! I can relate to what you're saying. I'm very much in support of women's issues, but I think there's been some fallout from the feminist movement that we're not supposed to talk about. As men, our DNA places a constant demand on us to search for mates, and that's something I don't think a lot of women understand very well. Now, there are right and wrong ways to go about that - propositioning a woman in a dark alley, for example, is not the most empathetic choice to make. But all this time, women have been focusing on what men are doing wrong, and it leaves this deficit - how is a man supposed to show his feelings and fulfill his biological programming in a way that doesn't inconvenience women? I'm a very progressive thinker, but you're right in that a lot of this progressive ideology seems to want to encourage men to be ashamed of their basic natures. We need to start a dialogue that's willing to examine the issue from both angles simultaneously.
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Yes!  :D  We need to find a way to embrace nature instead of just...demonizing it every chance we get and constantly fighting against it. 
And mistreating women is bad, of course, but so is mistreating men.  The more extreme feminists can "justify" it by concentrating on the small percentage of men who are actually capable of rape and abuse and such, but...Whoever is being mistreated, and for whatever reason, it not right.  The middle ground where we can analyze and understand both perspectives would be very valuable to inhabit.

(As an aside, a cute gal just flirted with me on Facebook and I already feel nervous and guilty about being interested.  >.>  Stupid...misandry...)
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"The middle ground where we can analyze and understand both perspectives would be very valuable to inhabit."

This is where I think the perspectives of transgender people could be immensely valuable to the conversation. Who else but people who have experienced what it's like to be both a man and a woman in this society could offer such invaluable insight into the challenges that each face, without exclusive emphasis on either one? Feminism needs to evolve if it doesn't want to become obsolete.
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And society (maybe even human nature itself) will have to change quite a bit for that to happen .  The transgenderness alone can cause problems (hormone treatments at the very least), but when you add pressure and disapproval from the rest of society...I imagine a current transgender person would have trouble keeping a stable perspective.
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