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I was sittin' in a corner, with the dunce cap on my head.
Teacher turned toward me, and this is what she said:
"Your grades, they all are droppin', and you ain't got a lick o' sense.
You best get out my classroom, but please don't take offense."

Jim and Mike were standing in line,
thinkin' that the legion was doin' fine.
Commander came up and got shot in the head;
they didn't even know if he was dead.
Then they decided it'd be best to run,
before the army came all undone.
The director, he turned and smiled at me,
but the script was written in ink that I couldn't see.

Vagabond dying of lack of sleep,
trying to keep his feet from falling on the street.
Black coats walk by, drenched in sweat,
talking about death and the cost to rent.
The Boss leaned back in his leather chair,
telling his secretary this world's not fair.
I sat back and cried a tear from my cheek,
telling myself I'm not that weak.

I was standing alone, in front of the mirror,
trying to find out if my reflection was near.
It's a wonder, I say, I have no sight,
but then I figure I just as well might.
I was headed to the concert at a quarter to eight,
the ticket man stopped me in front of the gate.
Said, "a quick look in your bags will suffice,"
but I told him "no, I will not pay that price."
This was produced in a brainstorming session with my brother. It's kind of all over the place, but we were going for a Bob Dylan aesthetic. We had grand plans to start a band, write some songs, tour the country...but you know how those things often turn out.

I love music. I didn't always realize that. Listening to the contemporary music of my generation - alternative rock in the '90s - just bored me. I was indifferent to it. Then I rediscovered (influenced by half-remembered snippets from my early childhood) the music of my parents' generation, and it blew my mind. Listening to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd on the radio, I became a total convert.

I bought a guitar and learned a few chords. Eventually graduated to playing covers in small-town coffee houses at open mic nights. I wanted to be Jimmy Page someday. But I've always had more of an analytical mind. I could never reach that next stage as a musician (and I got started late). Improvisation was never my forté; I can only copy what others have done.

I don't have that natural talent. I was last chair in my junior high school orchestra, and quit as soon as the school offered a computer programming course as an alternative. I do enjoy expressing myself artistically, I've learned, but I think I'm far more successful as a photographer/model. And I'm okay with that.
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