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I lived, then I learned, then I loved
and I learned to love again
a first chance, not knowing what to expect
I promised the world, and my eternal heart
thinking to have already found the end
but I was wrong

things change, especially life, and feelings
it's not that I ever stopped loving her
but my world changed without her
and now, being happy to have known her
it doesn't make me sad not seeing her

having loved and not lost, but perchance gained a friend
happiness once again is no stranger to me
for having learned my lesson in taking my time
I have come upon an even healthier seed

not expecting everlasting companionship
only accepting the feeling you give me each moment I see you
this is neither the beginning nor the end
I can only live for today
but oh, what a glorious day

having spent so long watching from afar
wondering the mysteries of your heart
all the more fascinating the things I learn about you
when we talk late into the night

having so many times averted my gaze
staring at the back of your head
all the more comforting the feeling I get
when I stare into the deeps of your eyes

having spent so many lonely nights
thinking of you only from afar
all the more content I am with you
sitting in close comfort with me

I do not expect anything from this
only what you have already given me
taking my time, I will let fate guide our hands
and merely hope it leads them together

For I did not love you because you warmed my heart
I did not love you because I needed your company
I did not love you because I was alone
I did not love you because there was noone else

I loved you because you're you
and you're the most fascinating person I've ever known
and the more I learn about you, the more I love you
the more time I spend with you, the brighter my life becomes

so I only wanted to say one thing to you
thank you for being you
and for that, I love you
This is a bittersweet memory for me. And coming so early in the progression, it shows how much more inspired I was by the later pain of rejection, than any earlier positive emotions I might have felt. This was written at the height of my optimism regarding the chances I had with the girl of my dreams, but within months, that would all be shattered by the revelation that she just wasn't that interested in me (or was, perhaps, even then, focused on another).

At the beginning of the poem, I am reminiscing about an earlier love - what you would call "young love": naive, and inexperienced. The kind that teenagers fall so easily into, not having much experience for comparison. The first time in your life you meet someone (outside of your family) who seems to care so much about you, you think you're going to get married and grow old together. But sometimes that's not what fate has in store for you. So then you learn about heartbreak, and if you're lucky, you learn a thing or two about yourself and what you want out of life and a companion. And in time (one always hopes), you may learn to love another.

But then, that one might not be destined for you either...

But we'll get to that.
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March 6


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